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16 Employee Burnout Statistics You Can’t Ignore

A recent report from Indeed found that employee burnout is on the rise: 52% of all workers are feeling burned…

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Woman experiencing employee burnout.

How to Create a Powerful Social Listening Strategy

As more people interact with brands on social media, developing a social listening strategy is key for companies that want…

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Social Listening Strategy.

The 20 Social Listening Statistics Your Company Must Know

With more conversations happening on public platforms and social media networks, social listening has become a valuable resource for companies…

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4 social people listening to each other.

7 Personal Brand Statement Examples for Leaders

As a leader, part of your job is to build trust among consumers and in the workplace. And one of…

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Leader standing ahead of a crowd by using a personal brand statement example.

10 Personal Brand Statement Examples for Inspiration

Professionals are embracing social media to share advice and unique insights about their industry. If you want to thrive in…

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6 Types of Social Media Influencers You Must Know

Influencer marketing exploded over the past five years, and it is estimated to grow to a $13.8 Billion industry in…

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two types of social media influencers in a pool on vacation.

10 Ideas to Improve Employee Satisfaction This Year

As workforces become more remote and distributed, managers and leaders need to find ways to promote employee satisfaction.  Retention, employee…

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woman smiling as example of employee satisfaction.

Corporate Communications Plan: The Roadmap for Success

Successful companies are strategic with the way they communicate. In fact, developing a corporate communications plan can be one of…

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Woman in yellow shirt with abstract communication bubbles.