Rockstar of the Month: Sonia-Denisa Petre

Jennifer de Regt

Sr. Customer Marketer

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Sonia Petre rockstar of the month
November, 2021

We’re psyched about our first-ever Rockstar of the Month, Sonia-Denisa Petre!

Sonia is IBM’s Global Portfolio Marketing Manager, Consumer Industries.

Her program admin, Elena Louros, submitted a nomination that seriously impressed us.

Once we learned how hard Sonia worked to ensure IBM’s employee advocacy program would be successful within her industry function, we knew she fit our definition of an EveryoneSocial Rockstar:


How did Sonia do this?

She identified key topic areas, aligned SMEs, and kept the relevant, sharable content flowing! In fact, her efforts contributed to a:

  • 32% increase in the number of active users;
  • 650% increase in the number of posts in the group;
  • 1,367% increase in the number of content shares

This approach has been so successful that IBM is replicating Sonia’s strategy across all its industry groups!


Q&A with Sonia-Denisa Petre

We love learning about our customers and hearing their stories, so we asked Sonia to share more about her experience with employee advocacy.


EveryoneSocial: Did you know what employee advocacy was before EveryoneSocial was introduced at your organization?


YES! I was aware of what employee advocacy was prior to EveryoneSocial, but I had limited tools to actually execute on this tactic.


ES: How did you feel about getting involved in IBM’s employee advocacy efforts?


I was happy to join the program from the beginning. My only concern was time, but I soon realized that was not a real issue since the platform is so user-friendly. It doesn’t need that much of my time to manage and make it successful.


ES: What’s been your most successful and/or favorite post or share so far?


I don’t have a favorite post, but EveryoneSocial was a great outlet for me to promote our presence at different third-party events. I also liked that I could get the social ambassadors involved in the process.


ES: What do you enjoy most about participating in your organization’s program?


I like the fact it offers me an outlet to get my marketing assets across to a large audience of socially active IBMers. This project gives me the perfect reason to have one-one-one conversations with some of our biggest experts and create connections within the extended Consumer industry team.


ES: What do you enjoy most about using EveryoneSocial?

It’s simplicity and the fact that it saves me time.


We’re so glad you enjoy using our platform and are thrilled to hear how successful you’ve been with it!

Congratulations, Sonia, for a job very well done! Keep up the great work!


Keep on Rockin’

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