Data & Reporting

Visibility across every angle of your program, from macro to micro.

Data & Reporting on EveryoneSocial.
  • Understand internal and external activity

    Completely understand how engaged your people are within EveryoneSocial in addition to what they’re sharing and the clicks they’re driving.

  • Visibility down to the individual share

    Zoom in to the performance of an individual user, post, or share to understand what’s really working and where the magic is happening.

  • Ready for export and your data warehouse

    All of the data within your EveryoneSocial account is available for export and ready for ingestion into your data stack.

Data & Reporting on EveryoneSocial.
Reporting and analytics.


A comprehensive view

With a single click, your people can share content to all of their most important networks.

Top users & trends.


Identify your top users and content

You’ll have all the data you need to understand what’s resonating with your people vs what isn’t, and what you should be doing more of.

See data from EveryoneSocial.


Sharing data like you’ve never seen before

Clearly understand what content your users are sharing, where they’re sharing it, and what clicks and engagements are being generated.

Reporting attribution.


Full attribution for downstream events

Understand which user generated the share, which drove the click, which converted the prospect, which resulted in the deal.

Moderators for EveryoneSocial program.

Don’t forget about your moderators

Moderators play a critical role in program management, which is why we provide them with their very own set of analytics dashboards and reports.

We know you’ll be successful day 1, however the data is what ensures you’ll stay successful over the long term.

Track shares, clicks, engagements, reach and many more events that help you and your team hit your goals month in, month out.

EveryoneSocial Platform.

You’re in good company

Electronic Arts logo.

Where once employees felt like they worked for Electronic Arts, now they felt like they ARE Electronic Arts.


I love how easy it is to use. The competition doesn't even compare.

Micro Focus.

From ease-of-use and detailed metrics, to the amplification of marketing results and sales enablement—it’s a win.