Adobe Activates Employees on EveryoneSocial, Expands Social Reach By 3 Million+

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When you think of creativity and innovative digital products in tech, Adobe is probably one of the companies that quickly comes to mind. And that makes sense considering the popularity of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Reader, and all the other Creative Cloud apps are signature multimedia solutions on most computers today.

The company was founded in the early 1980s and has since gone on to employ thousands of people in multiple cities around the world.

And just like their innovation to multimedia and creativity, Adobe was also one of the first early adopters of employee advocacy.

The company leaders understood earlier on how much of an impact their employees have on the success of the brand beyond their day to day job roles.

This is why Adobe focused on employees as their best brand ambassadors and wanted an easy way to harness this energy.

The Adobe and EveryoneSocial Partnership

As Adobe began to explore the idea of employee advocacy, they looked towards EveryoneSocial for guidance. This quickly led to a long standing partnership that started in the early days of EveryoneSocial’s product evolution.

Fast forward a few years later, and Adobe has continued to trust the platform and partnership with EveryoneSocial with glowing success in tow.

Additionally, the company continues to grow and expand their employee advocacy platform to more departments and users.

What did Adobe want to accomplish with EveryoneSocial?

The value of employee advocacy programs is that it benefits many areas of the organization. Any company can use it for multiple reasons or focus on one specific area, like marketing.

However, Adobe wanted to accomplish a few specific things by using EveryoneSocial:

  • A way to help employees know what content they can share externally
  • Providing a tool that helps employees get better at leveraging their social networks
  • Improving internal communications
  • Connecting internal employees and providing a place where they can save/share content with each other
  • Build a workplace community to drive more employee engagement

These areas also help boost many parts of Adobe’s business like overall social engagement, web traffic, marketing results, sales, communications and social recruiting.

“The employee advocacy program with its curated content and centralized platform serves as the rallying point to bring your employees together and gives them an online meeting spot to engage, deepen, and strengthen relationships.” – Rani Mani, Head of Employee Advocacy at Adobe

Driving Brand Impact Through EveryoneSocial

Adobe’s implementation started off relatively small a few years ago, especially when the concept of employees sharing on social media was considered bleeding edge and at the time unfounded.

But with data-proven ROI to back it up, the program was quick to pick up momentum and has since scaled with over 900 employees into the product.

The combined interaction and sharing efforts of these platform users has a massive social reach of over 3,000,000! And each user in their program now has an average reach over 4,000 people via their social networks.

Additionally, a handful of executives in various departments are leading in shares, clicks, and overall engagements on behalf of Adobe.

While all employees are encouraged to share and engage online, executives should also be involved as audiences look to learn from them. And Adobe has proven how valuable c-suite advocacy can be.

Adobe has created their content groupings and information in a highly organized way. They have currently created over 186 groups with EveryoneSocial and employees follow an average of 9 groups.

While that number of groups may seem like overkill, Adobe is very strategic and thoughtful about these groups in order to better personalize and engage users in the platform.

Adobe and Employee Advocacy

The value of employee advocacy and harnessing brand ambassadors gave Adobe a sense of community and a way to help their brand be more organic and human.

Adobe’s Head of Employee Advocacy, Rani Mani shares her two cents on how EveryoneSocial enables brand ambassadors to galvanize a corporate brand with authentic employee experiences:

“The fact that it humanizes the brand and helps us achieve our various campaign goals around social volume, engagement, share of voice, impact in the community, as well as getting out the Adobe story beyond just the corporate jargon.”

The Numbers

3,000,000+ social reach via users | 900+ employees using EveryoneSocial | Over 4,000 social connections per user

Interested in growing your organization’s brand reach, improving knowledge sharing, boosting employee engagement — while creating an internal workplace community? Schedule your demo with EveryoneSocial to learn more.


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