EveryoneSocial API

Incorporate enterprise-grade social sharing features into your app and provide your people with the tools to share content to their favorite social networks.

  • Content

    Take any content and turn it into a shareable post — video, audio, images, GIFs, text, or links. Configure the post for sharing: Add suggested share copy, create multiple versions to A/B test, append tracking parameters, etc.

  • Sharing

    Allow users to authenticate their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for a seamless sharing experience. Enable one-click sharing tools for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, and other major platforms.

  • Analytics

    Get the complete picture of who shares what content to which networks and the results those shares generate. Plus, get detailed data on each share, including clicks, reactions, impressions, comments, and more.

Integrate Once With EveryoneSocial

Integrating with social networks is complicated. Trust us — we’ve built integrations with LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms for over 10 years.

Ensure Shares Always Look Perfect

You and your users won’t need to worry about character limits, image dimensions, or video format, length, and size.

Support User-Generated Content

Give your people tools to create UGC, the highest-performing content shared on social networks.

Get Data On Everything

You want to know what your people share and where, as well as how it’s received. We’ll give you all that data.

Example API Use Cases

Intranet platforms: Feature company updates and other important news you’d like your people to help promote.

Web and native apps: Provide users with tools to share content natively from within your own app.

Sales enablement and engagement tools: Give your salespeople an edge by providing them with tools to share your most important content.

Social media management platforms: Creating the same content in multiple platforms? Leverage our API to create content once and publish it everywhere.

Recruiting and HR solutions: Enable employees to cut through the noise by easily sharing the story of your company and its people.

Your Single Solution For Adding Social Features To Your App

Easily add social features to your product to enable your people, users, or anyone else to create, consume, and share content.

EveryoneSocial Platform.

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EveryoneSocial truly makes social selling easier and less time consuming.


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From ease-of-use and detailed metrics, to the amplification of marketing results and sales enablement—it’s a win.