Fundamentally, we believe that employee advocacy and social selling apply to organizations of all types and sizes: every company has employees, and each of those employees has an ever-growing network of people they’re connected with outside of your company. If you’re not equipping your people to engage and leverage their networks, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

What We’re Known For

EveryoneSocial is known for two things: 1) our approach to partnering with our clients to ensure their success and 2) having the platform most preferred (and most engaged with) by employees.

Our Team

Working with our customers and their employees is far and above the most rewarding aspect of our work. The opportunity to provide a product that helps someone grow and improve professionally, which in turn benefits their company is what gets me up in the morning.

Cameron Brain

CEO & Co-Founder

Cameron is a serial technology entrepreneur, having previously founded two software companies. Cameron grew up in Seattle, WA and currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife and two boys.

More than any other vendor, EveryoneSocial has put the client and their employees first. It’s why I chose to join the team and it’s the reason why we and our clients have been so successful over the years.

Rob Nolte

VP Sales

Rob was born and bred in the heart of Silicon Valley and has worked with technology companies‚ from idea to IPO‚ throughout his career. Rob joined EveryoneSocial in 2013 after interviewing with multiple vendors because of the company’s focus on the employee.

For its size, the EveryoneSocial engineering team is the most experienced I’ve worked with. Many of us have had the chance to work together in past ventures, which is special and helps us work in a more agile fashion.

Charles Anderson

VP Engineering

Charles was employee number four at EveryoneSocial and has over 30 years experience as an engineer and technical leader. While most of his career was spent in the Bay Area, Charles and his family currently reside in Oregon.

The satisfaction of working with clients, of helping them be successful is what drives my team and I. EveryoneSocial is special in that it puts the needs of clients first, which isn’t something other companies truly do.

Chris Hecklinger

Sr. Director Client Success

Chris is a SoCal native who has also spent his career in technology. Prior to joining EveryoneSocial, Chris was on the client success teams at Omniture and then Adobe. Chris spends a good portion of time visiting with clients, especially if they’re located near good surfing.

Working with younger technology companies is what I love. EveryoneSocial ticked every box: great team, fantastic customers, solid product, and an opportunity to grow something that is having a real impact on the industry.

Gary Bowen


Gary is a seasoned finance professional, having served as CFO in a number of financial services, consumer, and b2b saas companies. Gary is a Utah native‚ he went to BYU for undergrad and grad school‚ and enjoys spending time with his family and participating in triathlons.