Employee advocacy can drive real business results.

According to Weber Shandwick, 98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50%+ are already posting about their company. This means there is a huge opportunity for your brand that you might not have even realized.

What are you missing by not activating more employee influencers?

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How can an employee advocacy program
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Company Size How many employees work for your company?

Branded Social Followers How many total social followers do your company brand accounts have?

Percent of Employees Active What percentage of your company size would
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Average Deal Size What is your company's average deal size
or sale amount?

Employee Advocacy Results

Your Potential Results By Activating Employee Advocacy at Your Organization

Total Social Reach of Active Employees


We’ve found the average number of social connections an employee has is about 1,000. This is the number we currently use for our calculation. Additionally, this result is based on the percentage of employees you’d have in your advocacy program only.


Earned Paid Media Value


This is a conservative estimate based on a combined average CPC across Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your actual paid media value can be much higher depending on your industry CPCs and individual ad channels.


Combined Social Reach

% of Social Reach Increase


New Potential Average Deal Size


This estimate is based on the average deal size increase through employee advocacy use. The number was calculated from EveryoneSocial customers using the platform for sales and the average increase and the percent of deal size growth they've seen.


Improve Employee Productivity


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Employee advocacy also streamlines communications, improves employee engagement, and helps build a stronger employer brand. Plus, employee influencers will reap the benefits by boosting their own professional development.

How your people use social media at work

The workplace is changing with distributed teams, remote work, and ongoing digital transformation.
And there is no better way to get employees creating, sharing, and collaborating in today’s digital world than with employee advocacy.

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