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10 Brands That “Get” Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy Examples Finding some of the best employee advocacy examples will not only help you understand how other companies…

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The Power of Employee Referrals on Your Entire Organization

Typically, when you think of the term “employee referrals” your mind may go to the impact on human resources and hiring benefits. And it makes sense, especially as this strategy has been a favorite and most productive way to find talent. But, as important it is for HR (more on that in a later section), the method of employee referral actual benefits numerous departments of any organization. While the concept might not be overly complicated, explore with me further and learn how to apply a successful employee referral program that impacts your entire organization. Below, we’ll cover a few important…


AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date May 21, 2019

Employee Advocacy Metrics: How to Best Measure Your Social Program

This post has been updated. Below you’ll learn about the employee advocacy metrics your company should measure with a social media program.   Leveraging an employee advocacy program is an excellent way to extend the social reach of your brand. But it can do more than that, like drive sales, boost social recruiting, and improve communications. Since your staff knows the company inside and out, the online audience values their insights and opinions. Furthermore, employees often have a larger sphere of influence and trust on social media than the corporate social page. 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more…


AuthorChristopher Jan Benitez

Date May 14, 2019

[Webinar] Enterprise Communications in 2019: Discussion and Live Q&A

Enterprise communications leaders are playing an increasingly important role in accelerating change and driving real business value. Join yours truly, Cameron Brain, Co-Founder and CEO of EveryoneSocial and Ethan McCarty, Founder & CEO of Integral Communications Group for a chat and Q&A about the future of communications. In this webinar we discussed about the following topics: How comms is increasingly stitching together all areas of an organization Why comms is a strategic imperative and should be driven by leadership How the technology landscape is changing and how that is affecting communications Where employees fit into the equation (hint: they’re central…

Cameron Brain

AuthorCameron Brain

Date May 9, 2019

How An Employee Advocacy Program Helps Generate Workplace Community

This article was written by Rani Mani, Head of Employee Advocacy at Adobe on why and how employee advocacy programs foster and promote workplace community. Adobe – one of the world’s top performing and most innovative software companies – is an EveryoneSocial customer.   At the heart of employee advocacy programs is the company’s desire for its employees to actively share company news and expand reach. But just as important (if not more) is to encourage the sharing of relevant third party content for a myriad of traditional reasons such as increasing brand awareness, humanizing its products and services, garnering…


AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date May 7, 2019

How to Create Engaging Content That Employees Will Want to Share

Having employees share branded content on their social media networks has significant impacts for your company. From marketing, sales, recruiting, and employer branding. But what engaging content does your team need to create that employees will want to share? In our social and digital world, your company must consider the value of getting your employees engaged online. Additionally, you probably realize (or maybe don’t realize) that half of your employees have likely mentioned your company, policies, products or employees in some form of post, unsolicited. “98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which…


AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 30, 2019

The Essential Framework All Branding Strategies Must Include for Success

Every company has their own set of unique branding strategies that they practice to grow reach and connect with consumers. Although each company might have a different approach, all types of brand strategies should include some similar essential elements. By now, we all know how important branding and brand messaging is for the growth and recognition of companies. But brands also need to think different with their strategies, especially with the digital rise and a need for more transparency. “A survey found that 94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it is committed…


AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 23, 2019

Employee Advocacy Tips: Five Companies Share Their Recipes for Success

One of the best ways to get the essential employee advocacy tips is to source people and companies who are running programs, and successful ones at that. At EveryoneSocial, we have our own unique tips and practices that can ensure your company, no matter the use case, will have long-term success. Yet, it’s our clients that also have some amazing tips for others looking to get started with employee advocacy.     Employee Advocacy Tips Below, we talked to five program leaders at some of our clients to learn what their employee advocacy tips and insights are. These examples can…


AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 16, 2019

The Employee Engagement Activities That Everyone Thinks Are True

By now, your company should be well aware that employee engagement activities are critical for the success of the business. For example, companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue. (Aberdeen) But employee engagement also greatly impacts your employees. You want your organizations’ employees to be interested in their jobs, to feel as though they’re part of the team, and impact the success of the company. Yet, even though there are plenty of employee engagement activities out there from all the research, there are also a lot of myths surrounding how…


AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 9, 2019

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