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10 Brands That “Get” Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy Examples Finding some of the best employee advocacy examples will not only help you understand how other companies…

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Who Are the People that Can Establish Your Company’s Brand Credibility?

Besides delivering a great product or service, your company needs to establish brand credibility among audiences. Yet, that can be challenging pending on numerous factors like age of your company, the number of competitors out there, how well your product or services is received, and even how well your company is marketed. So, how you can increase brand credibility? Who are the key groups of people that matter to building a credible brand? We’ll answer these questions and more below. Feel free to skip to any section below: What is brand credibility? The complete definition Who are the key people…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date October 9, 2018

6 Ways to Motivate Employee Advocates on Social Media

Motivating Employee Advocates to Help Your Brand Employee advocates are among a business’s most valuable assets on social media. When employees discuss and promote their employer on social media, they’re exponentially expanding the reach of that business and creating brand awareness and a more positive social media image. Many employees are already active on social media or on more than one platform talking about their company. Here are two stats that really stand out: 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands. (Adweek) 98% of employees use…

AuthorEric Roach

Date October 1, 2018

Is Cold Calling Dead? No, But It Shouldn’t Be Your Main Sales Tactic

Colding calling has been around for a while, especially as a sales tactic and it’s pretty obvious what it means. But if we were to define cold calling, it would simply mean making an unsolicited call to someone to sell a product or services. Now if you talk to many leaders in sales or marketing, you may have also come across the debate: is cold calling dead? A quick Google search will also drum up a ton of articles for either side of that argument. Yet as the digital transformation continues, the evolution of sales, and how we connect with…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date September 25, 2018

5 Ways You Can Participate in Social Media Advocacy

Participating in Social Media Advocacy Below, you’ll find out how you can get involved in social media advocacy and why it benefits you and the company you work for.   If your business is positioning itself to enter the world of social media, or if you’re seeking to make a difference in your business’s social media efforts, then the biggest impact you have as an employee is to get involved in social media advocacy (also called employee advocacy). This means sharing on your social media accounts and becoming an employee advocate. Employee advocates are among the most powerful assets any…

AuthorEric Roach

Date September 18, 2018

Why Now is the Time for Financial Services to Get Active on Social Media

Social media has been a touchy subject for most regulated industries, especially for the financial services industry. Yet, as the digital transformation continues and social media has become a powerful place to build a brand, now is the time for the financial services industry to get on board with being social. Typically, social media has generally been ignored by financial services (except for the basic corporate handles) because: There is concern over confidential info accidentally being shared Employees posting something that makes the company look bad The mindset that it is only marketings job (most industries have that view) Other digital…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date September 12, 2018

3 User-Generated Content Ideas to Use Right Now

The below article is a guest post from Chanell Alexander, a writer for TechnologyAdvice. You can learn more about her at the end of this post.    What is User-Generated Content? User-generated content (UGC) is material that is created and produced by the customers a company or organization serves. For example, instead of a company-produced video with high production value that is marketing a product, user-generated content would be a simple video uploaded from a customer’s phone that spotlights their experience with a product. User-generated content puts the customer in the marketing driver’s seat and allows them to become an…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date September 10, 2018

Internal Communications: The KPIs Your Company Needs to Measure

Effective internal communications in your organization will improve overall productivity, employee engagement, and how connected employees feel to their company. While keeping employees informed through communications is important for your business, you should also be measuring how engaged those employees are through various key performance indicators (KPIs). It’s not always easy though to know exactly what data to measure, especially when it comes to engagement from employees. However, measuring KPIs and understanding the data can be telling of how effective your content is, if the way your company communicates needs adjusting, and even how it is impacting other areas of…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date September 4, 2018

27 Eye-Popping Employee Advocacy Statistics That Matter the Most

The Best Employee Advocacy Statistics Looking for valuable employee advocacy statistics? Below, you’ll find the very best stats that apply to marketing, sales, human resources, and internal communications.   You probably have noticed more publications, companies, and even experts in marketing or sales talking more about the power of employee advocacy. It is especially important these days as social networks have become massive centers for connecting with prospects and customers. On top of that, 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands. At this point, your company…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date August 27, 2018

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