How A Fortune 50 Company Promotes Its Employer Brand on Social to Attract Talent

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This Fortune 50 company came to EveryoneSocial because it wanted to position itself as an employer of choice and catch the eye of talented candidates.

And the organization has had tremendous success. Just take a look at what its employee influencer program accomplished over a single quarter.

Customer Goals

  • Position company as an employer of choice
  • Increase brand sentiment via employee word-of-mouth
  • Attract a rich diversity of talent
  • Empower leadership to engage in advocacy

This Fortune 50 company had numerous goals for its employee social program, but they all come down to one key factor: employer brand, or the company’s reputation as an employer. In other words, the organization wants its people to create and share content about the company.

Why? The stats speak for themselves.👇

  • 84% percent of job seekers say a company’s reputation as an employer is important.
  • 50% of candidates wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation — even for a pay increase.
  • Negative reputation costs employers 10% more per hire, and investing in employer branding can reduce turnover by 28%.

Why this Fortune 50 company chose EveryoneSocial for employer brand and recruiting

  • Ensures employees have engaging content that’s approved for sharing
  • Enables their people to share to multiple networks or schedule posts with a single click
  • Provides leaderboards and gamification features to drive participation
  • Allows users to share a variety of content types, including native video, text, GIFs, and more
  • Meets employees where they are by integrating with Slack and Microsoft teams and allowing them to share to the social networks of their choice
  • Gives program owners a clear picture of program results

Quarterly Results

The table to the right highlights the outcomes this Fortune 50 company achieved during a single quarter:

  • Exceeded goal to activate 5,000 employees
  • Grew employee social reach to nearly 11M
  • Drove more than 83,000 clicks and 51,000 engagements

The client achieved all of its quarterly goals for its employee advocacy program and continues to scale it.

Example Content Shared by Employees


Top Influencers

Everyone — from the intern to the CEO — can be an influencer because everyone has a network.

This table showcases the results generated over one quarter by this Fortune 50 company’s top sharers, many of which are involved in recruitment and talent sourcing. Clearly, they know the value of sharing company content to enhance employer brand!


How They Achieved Success


Let’s break down how this Fortune 50 company leveraged the EveryoneSocial team and platform to enhance its employer brand and attract top talent.

Leaderboards and gamification

Program admins work with EveryoneSocial to create custom leaderboards to drive participation in its employee influencer program.

Initech leaderboard

The admins regularly recognize top sharers in company newsletters and eventually plans to further incentivize sharing by offering prizes to top participants.

Content newsletters

EveryoneSocial’s automated content newsletters ensure this Fortune 50 company’s employees don’t miss out on important or engaging content they could share with their networks.

EveryoneSocial content newsletter

In just a few minutes, the client admin set up several recurring newsletters — a monthly one for the entire company, as ones for individual teams. The newsletters feature trending posts, group updates, employee-generated content, and more directly to employees’ inboxes. And no two emails are alike — each recipient receives a personalized newsletter filled with content that matches their role and needs.

Regular admin enablement sessions

EveryoneSocial’s Client Success team meets with the company’s main admin twice monthly and also hosts quarterly enablement sessions for all 50 admins. 

During these calls, the EveryoneSocial team presents on a specific topic, such as reporting and advocacy best practices, They also preview upcoming product features and set aside time for Q&A to ensure every admin is prepared to lead their teams to success.

Top-notch content

Program admins do an incredible job curating relevant, engaging, and timely content for people to share. From remote work best practices to company Pride initiatives, employees’ have no shortage of great content to choose from.

Content of all types — links, videos, images, and more — are organized and prioritized within EveryoneSocial and easy for employees to share with just one click.

Meet the Team

We partner with every client to ensure their success. These EveryoneSocial team members support this Fortune 50 company:

On the client side, the TK program is led by its Global Brand Partnerships Manager, Head of Global Employment Brand, and Head of Recruitment Marketing.

Get Your People Sharing on Social

Employees have more credibility and greater reach than official brand social channels. Why? Because people trust people far more than brands.

So empower your employees to become influencers and tap into the power of their networks to enhance employer brand and catch the eye of top talent.

Book time with our team to learn how we can help improve your employer brand!

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