How IGEL Technology Expands Global Reach Through EveryoneSocial

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As a smaller software business, expanding your product and global reach can be cumbersome. There is a lot of digital noise out there and breaking into new markets is not always an easy feat, especially for a small-mid size company.

And yet IGEL Technology has been doing just that.

Along with their current business strategies, the leaders at IGEL saw an important opportunity to expand out of Germany into new markets with the help of their employees and great company content.

IGEL Technology recognized that employees are on social media and have untapped networks that expand far beyond their German headquarters.

What Is IGEL Technology?

IGEL Technology was founded in 2001 and has continued to thrive over it’s almost twenty year history. They are the respected manufacturer of “Thin Client” hardware in Germany.

Since then they began focusing on software that enables enterprises to remotely control all thin client devices from a single dashboard interface. IGEL has offices worldwide and is represented by partners in over 50 countries.

And just a few short years ago they realized there was a significant opportunity to expand the business beyond the German market.

While getting brand visibility in new markets is challenging, the company saw that an employee advocacy program can play a crucial role in brand awareness, enhancing their go-to market strategy, and helping distribute their customer success stories.

Why IGEL Chose EveryoneSocial

Building close working relationships has always been a top priority and key differentiator for us at EveryoneSocial. Customer success is a major component to our business. Our clients’ success is our success, so we take great care to ensure IGEL Technology is reaching their KPIs with our platform.

As a sign of the enduring value of employee advocacy and how EveryoneSocial provides support, many individuals who move on to new opportunities look to bring on EveryoneSocial at their new company.

IGEL’s CEO, Jed Ayres has used our platform at previous companies before and immediately saw the value in helping IGEL expand their markets and get their content out to target audiences.

“I have used EveryoneSocial at three companies now. The support from EveryoneSocial has always been excellent, but to be honest, the platform is so intuitive and reliable we haven’t raised many support questions. Good product, good people!” – Jed Ayres, CEO at IGEL

How IGEL is Currently Using EveryoneSocial

As alluded to, IGEL is using EveryoneSocial’s employee advocacy platform to expand their brand awareness, reach new targeted audiences, and help their content reach larger audiences.

But the whole company is currently using the platform, which is currently at 400+ employees. Typically, marketing is owning the content creating and organization.

Sales is then one of the heavily active departments, but all employees are getting involved and active, including back-office staff who have a unique opportunity on our platform to engage with the rest of their company. This is huge as it keeps their entire company informed, connected, and productive — while growing their own networks and quickly growing business for IGEL.

One of the major content pieces to IGEL’s strategy is their customer success stories. These have been successful to attract new business and help build a strong community around the brand.

Additionally, IGEL uses EveryoneSocial to advertise upcoming events, contests, and product announcements that might get somewhat buried coming just from the branded social accounts.

Features and Integrations Used

  • Integration with Xing has obviously helped with the German market, but creating custom streams and scheduling are the two most useful features for most of our clients.
  • Custom streams to allow the team to share other thought leadership content or posts from outside their organization.
  • Scheduling features which allows the IGEL team to queue items so they can be released to social at specific times. Like releasing a product or to make an announcement.

IGEL And Employee Advocacy

The whole company is able to access EveryoneSocial if they wish and whenever they would like. IGEL has over 400 people using the platform, and in their peak month, they shared over 3,000 posts. Additionally with their employees social shares, they are reaching an external audience over 300,000!

IGEL’s future with EveryoneSocial and their employee advocacy strategy is simple: keep driving brand awareness and market education to the world via their most trusted people — their employees. An employee advocacy strategy and program sometimes is just that simple, especially if the right content is being created and employee culture is strong.

Lastly, IGEL is putting more emphasis on sharing information about their customers, partners, and prospects on news and promotions as well.

Any tips for launch and getting employees more engaged?

Ayres says, “Reward employees for their activity and continue to recognize the people who are most involved.”

The Numbers

300,000+ social reach | 400+ employees using EveryoneSocial

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