How Micro Focus Uses EveryoneSocial to Engage 3,000+ Employee Advocates

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Micro Focus is the leader in digital transformation products and services. With a portfolio that consists of security solutions, development and IT operations management tools, host connectivity solutions and much more.

According to their website, “We help customers bridge the old and the new by maximizing the ROI on existing software investments and enabling innovation in the new hybrid model for enterprise IT.”

With plenty of options to help businesses, Micro Focus wanted a way to build brand credibility, get their products out to the world, and drive a sense of community amongst their employees.

In order to do so, the global social team led by Stephanie Wisdom saw a unique opportunity to implement an employee advocacy program and strategy.

Why Is Employee Advocacy Important to Micro Focus?

The tech company realized there was a huge untapped market and brand potential for them to activate their employees online.

For their marketing results, EveryoneSocial drives their social engagement, improves their social selling, and builds a community for their employee advocates.

And the Micro Focus team saw employee advocacy as a way to socially galvanize their company’s credibility, especially when leadership sees their employees as the most valuable asset. This is a great example of executive advocacy engagement, as the support stems from the CEO and continues to trickle down into every aspect of the company.

When employees see the CEO using the platform, the light turns green for everyone else and all hesitations are put aside.

Note: Getting executive buy-in and support makes an internal social program even more successful and helps employees rally around the initiative.

But employee advocacy also leads to a strong culture, as well as retention and growth. And from a marketing standpoint, it’s both a strategic and sustainable program.

Why Micro Focus Chose EveryoneSocial

“When you’re building an employee advocacy program, you want to work with a company that listens, learns, and supports what you’re trying to accomplish. “- Stephanie Wisdom, Director Global Social Marketing

If you have been on our customers page or read other customer stories, you may have noticed a recurring theme — client success is a major component to how we do business.

At EveryoneSocial, you are buying success not just software. We are your partner in advocacy from day one and will build a long-lasting working relationship with you.

“The EveryoneSocial team has become an integrated part of our social marketing team. I was also impressed with the roadmap plans that EveryoneSocial was able to present, right out of the gate. Social marketing is ever-evolving, and EveryoneSocial does an amazing job at continuing to offer the ways and means to run a non-disruptive experience for both my team and our 3k (and growing!) users.”

From a user experience standpoint, our platform is not only easy to use for employees but enjoyable to boot, and admins make good use of the detailed metrics that EveryoneSocial provides.

Why Do Employees Use EveryoneSocial?

“Our users are on EveryoneSocial by their own volition, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. In enterprise tech, we don’t have ‘slow’ days—so it’s hard for employees to find the time to take away from their day-to-day jobs to find relevant content, open a platform, figure out how to schedule, etc.

“With the ease-of-use that EveryoneSocial offers, employees are more apt to become brand ambassadors; it simply makes it so easy. I encourage colleagues to log on to the platform once a week, peruse their selected streams, and schedule to their queue,” says Wisdom.

It only takes a single click to share Micro Focus content! I also like to encourage them to utilize this platform to build themselves up as a thought leader.

Micro Focus has a plethora of brilliantly talented engineers, developers, and marketers who have so much to say, but are unsure of how to develop themselves within the social realm. And this is where EveryoneSocial has made it easy.

We asked Stephanie what her favorite “story” is about using EveryoneSocial.

“My favorite ‘story’ is really to see how engaged people who said they would NEVER use Twitter or LinkedIn have become! Some of our most prolific ‘sharers’ are those who said, ‘I’ll never be on social media.’ That’s an ‘I told you so!’ that I love to deliver!”

How Does EveryoneSocial Help with Customer Experience?

“EveryoneSocial has done amazing things for customer engagement—particularly when it comes to social selling. As a tool for our salespersons, it really is invaluable.

As the majority of the tech population does, persons looking to purchase software look to the internet. They ask questions on Twitter and LinkedIn, they see what other people are saying about the company.

EveryoneSocial is giving our salespeople the tools they need to become social sellers, and it’s also giving them the opportunity to open conversations with people they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise.”

Micro Focus and Employee Advocacy

So what does the future hold for Micro Focus and employee advocacy? Like many organizations who start adopting a platform and strategy, there are usually ambitions to expand the program.

For Micro Focus, they are integrating EveryoneSocial into their employee onboard program. This gets new hires immediately onboard and trained to employee advocacy and the benefits to them and the company.

“I want to see our reach hit 2 million, while keeping our engagements high — so we can continue to prove that Micro Focus content is valuable to our customers and partners.”

The Numbers:

Program members have a reach of close to 2 million which extends and assists in amplification of the company’s brand properties | 3,000+ Micro Focus employees activated

Interested in growing your organization’s brand reach, driving more leads, improving social selling, and building an internal community for employees? Schedule your demo with EveryoneSocial to learn more.


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