SurveyMonkey Powers Up Sales And Recruiting Efforts With EveryoneSocial

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The ways companies approach sales and recruiting has shifted over the digital age, mostly in part to the vast growth and value of social media for brand exposure.

While traditional avenues of a sales and recruiting strategy are still valuable, organizations must not undervalue social media.

One company who recognizes the power of social media and their employees is SurveyMonkey.

And in order to boost their social selling and social recruiting efforts, SurveyMonkey looked towards an employee advocacy platform to expand their global reach. This is when they chose to implement EveryoneSocial internally for employees.

Who Is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey was founded in the late 1990s and quickly became the leading survey software provider for leading brands.

They offer the quick ability to create and send surveys, enterprise options for internal use, and numerous integrations to pull in results to your business apps.

And over the years, SurveyMonkey has expanded beyond survey software.

They also offer specialty products like customer experience application, TechValidate for customer feedback on products, data and payment forms, and more.

The SurveyMonkey and EveryoneSocial Partnership

SurveyMonkey quickly joined EveryoneSocial because the current admin of the program enjoyed her experience using our platform in a previous role at another organization.

💡 Because of EveryoneSocial’s dedication to product and client success, when people move on to new professional roles, they tend to bring the platform to their new company.

Additionally, SurveyMonkey values the ability for employees to share and create their own content within the platform. This allows employees to contribute to the success of the program and be more engaged with content that interests them most.

This was a big item for choosing to work with EveryoneSocial as well.

Additional features that SurveyMonkey utilizes:

  • Content emails directly from the platform, This is super important to the team.
  • They use the leaderboard for gamification and do monthly contests and recognition for social rockstars.
  • The ability for users to add their own personal streams is a key part to their strategy and engagement success.
  • The various integration options EveryoneSocial offers.
  • They are using SSO and it helps their users access the system easily.
  • Salesforce application is enabled for users in sales
  • They use URL tracking in the platform with Google Analytics

The SurveyMonkey team is looking at other integrations to use, like connecting Slack to the platform.

What Did SurveyMonkey Want to Accomplish with EveryoneSocial?

SurveyMonkey was looking to boost their sales efforts and improve social recruiting.

With EveryoneSocial, they are easily enabling employees to share and create content to help them boost their goals.

For sales, employees can share content about SurveyMonkey or content that shows how SurveyMonkey can help. Their sales team has all the accessible content for various stages of the buyer’s journey that can boost their social selling efforts.

And then for recruiting and employer branding, employees can help share about open job positions, the SurveyMonkey company culture, and also create content about their awesome work environment.

Then with those efforts, comes additional benefits for overall social engagement, brand reach, and marketing as well.

Lastly, they wanted to make it easier for external audiences to find, read, and share all their great content too.

The team at SurveyMonkey dedicates time and carefully crafts great content. So they wanted to ensure they are maximizing their reach and social potential.

The Numbers

300,00+ social reach via users | 440+ employees using EveryoneSocial | Averaging 4.9 Clicks Per Share

Interested in growing your organization’s recruiting pipeline, to improve social selling efforts, streamline sales enablement, increase pipeline, and win more deals? Schedule your demo with EveryoneSocial to learn more.


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