Teradata Expands Their Social Reach Over 800,000 With EveryoneSocial

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Teradata recently celebrated 40 years of business and are going into the next decade stronger than ever. The California based company was founded in 1979 and is a top provider of database and analytics-related software, products, and services.

They provide three main services: business analytics, cloud products, and consulting. They also have operations in North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. And they work with 75+ countries and have over 100 various technology partners.

Teradata leverages all of the data at all times so businesses can better analyze anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics and information that matters. This is what they call pervasive dataintelligence, powered by the cloud.

And as a digital leader in innovation, Teradata saw the value of amplifying employee voice and brand advocates. In today’s market, most employees are active on social networks and people feel connected to brands that bring a human element to everything they do.

Additionally, Teradata also wanted to show authenticity and transparency into their culture, products, services, and people.

This is where the company began looking into an employee advocacy platform. Their initial goals to leverage this technology was to:

  • Raise brand awareness with an authentic audience (employee networks)
  • Drive more authentic engagement to their brand, product, and services
  • Help audiences understand the value Teradata brings to businesses
  • Easily organize and inform employees of various content and information

Ultimately, they chose to go with EveryoneSocial as their employee advocacy partner.

With EveryoneSocial, they were not only getting a great product, but a full team dedicated to training admins and users to ensure real long-term results.

Why Teradata Chose EveryoneSocial

The employee advocacy market is continuing to grow and evolve.

While the social sharing aspect is a major component, employee advocacy can be built to improve multiple areas of the business from marketing, sales, recruiting, to communications.

And while there are a few providers in this space, EveryoneSocial has a long, trusted, and positive commitment to genuine advocacy success.

Ultimately, Teradata chose EveryoneSocial for a few reasons:

  • How intuitive and easy the product is to use.
  • Personal streams and options that encourage employees to go beyond just sharing Teradata‚Äôs content
  • A trusted history with many other large and enterprise technology companies

EveryoneSocial has worked hard to make the product seamless and easy for any employee to use — no matter what level of tech or social media knowledge.

The goal for any company is to add intuitive tech that takes little time to manage, but can create a big impact for the brand.

Driving Brand Impact Through EveryoneSocial

Teradata’s implementation was quick and the admins of the program invited almost 900 employees into the product.

The combined interaction and sharing efforts of these platform users has a massive social reach of almost 800,000! That is more than their company LinkedIn and Twitter followers combined.

This is one example of the power of leveraging employees’ social reach, which is generally speaking far greater than company pages. And employees and human interactions are also more trusted than marketing, ads, and company profile pages.

Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees vs the same messages shared via official brand social channels. (MSLGroup)

In 2019, these almost 900 employees generated 50,000 shares directly from Teradata’s EveryoneSocial platform and had over 43,000 engagements on content shared.

The company also recently took advantage of the Salesforce integration, which allows employees to use EveryoneSocial directly in Salesforce.

Currently, the marketing team is using the Salesforce integration, but there are plans to expand availability.

Other integrations used by Teradata include:

  • SSO to help users access the system more frequently and easily, not to mention simplifies the onboarding process for new users.
  • Switched to the EveryoneSocial Bitly integration to make it easier to track and monitor links and social shares.
  • Also using the Google Analytics tracking capabilities to track and monitor links.
  • Teradata is currently looking into potentially integrating EveryoneSocial with Slack along with a few other integrations we offer.

Teradata and Employee Advocacy

Some companies are initially wary of employees to access content and share socially on behalf of the brand. But Teradata knew how valuable this process and software can be for their branding efforts.

When it comes to brands investing in an advocacy strategy, we have found that rolling out with a large initial user group of employees yields the best results. Even a small program is positive, and regardless of scale: there is nothing to fear (about empowering employees with social tools) but fear itself!

While some companies want to start off relatively small (under 100 employees), Teradata took charge and is approaching 1,000 employees that are activated within EveryoneSocial, engaging and sharing content.

With 40+ years in business, Teradata is not afraid to be ahead of the curve.

While employee advocacy is still approached cautiously for some brands, Teradata immediately recognized the power of employee voice. They are not only building huge brand reach, but helping their employees grow their own networks and become trusted professional leaders.

The Numbers

800,000 social reach | 900 employees using EveryoneSocial | 50,000+ social shares | 43,000+ social engagements.

Interested in growing your organization’s brand reach, driving more leads, web traffic, and social engagement? Schedule your demo with EveryoneSocial to learn more.


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