Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams integration lets users send posts directly to their joined channels, interact with post content natively, and share any shareable content right from Teams.

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With more than 280 million users, Microsoft Teams is where the people are, so embedding the EveryoneSocial experience into Microsoft Teams brings our software directly into one of the most commonly used enterprise software applications.

Content is sent to MS Teams at time of posting (or approval) and appears in the channel(s) chosen by the poster/moderator.

This enables the distribution of your content to a larger audience, as well as the convenience of staying in your daily tools. Plus, it keeps the right people aware of what content they can share without even logging in to EveryoneSocial.

Users can interact with post content (URLs, images, video, text, etc.) directly within the MS Teams environment. They can even share that content to their social channels from within Teams!

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