EveryoneSocial’s Fair Billing Policy – Business & Enterprise Plans

We have always believed that for EveryoneSocial to be successful, our customers must be successful as well.  For this reason and as a customer on our Business or Enterprise plans, you will only be billed for your people who use EveryoneSocial.  

Billing Policy Basics

  • When you purchase an EveryoneSocial Business or Enterprise plan, the plan will cover your entire workspace
  • You’ll only be billed for three things: 1) committed active users, 2) additional active users, and 3) any services you chose to add
  • Fees for committed active users (“base fees”) and services are billed annually, up front
  • Fees for additional active users (“overage fees”) are billed monthly, in arrears
  • Any changes to the number of additional active users in your workspace will be reflected in your monthly billing statement

Paid Members

  • Workspace Owners
  • Workspace Admins
  • Committed Active Users
  • Additional Active Users

Free Members

  • Inactive Users
  • Invited Members

*Note: When an invited team member accepts their invitation to join your workspace and use EveryoneSocial, they’ll be counted as an active user starting that day.

Committed Active Users – Base Fees

When you become an EveryoneSocial Business or Enterprise plan customer, you will be required to purchase an agreed number of active users up front for the year (which we refer to as your committed active users).  In determining the total base fees, we apply a volume discount; the larger the number of committed active users purchased, the lower the individual per member fee will be.

Additional Active Users – Overage Fees

At the end of each month we’ll compare the number of committed active users you’ve purchased vs the total number of active users you had in your account.  If the latter is larger than the former we’ll charge you for the difference for that single month.  We refer to the charges for additional active users in excess of your committed active users amount as overage fees. 

Example – Billing For Additional Active Users

Your workspace is on the Business plan, you’ve purchased 100 committed active users and have agreed to an overage fee rate of $24 per additional active user per month.  During month two you run a successful campaign and your active users spike to 125, however by the beginning of month three you’re back to 100 active users.

MonthActive UsersOverage Fees

Active User Definition

An Active User means anyone registered within your account who is using EveryoneSocial to consume, share, contribute or engage with content or whose data we are processing on your behalf. Note that you will only be billed for additional active users when your total number of active users exceeds your committed active users amount. A user is considered active if they do any of the following in a given month:

  • Use our web or native applications
  • Have an active social token
  • Open a Content Email
  • View an Embed Widget or Public Post Page

When You’ll Be Billed

  • Base Fees: Billed annually, up front.
  • Overage Fees: Billed monthly, in arrears.
  • Billing is based on the UTC timezone.