EveryoneSocial Helps Empower Sleep Health And Sales At Mattress Firm

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For the past 90 years, Mattress Firm and its family of companies have been delivering better sleep nationwide, loving every single second of it.
As America’s largest mattress retailer with store locations in 49 states, Mattress Firm provides numerous bed brands and accessories, fit for any budget.

The company prides itself on unparalleled customer service that focuses on affordable products, sleep trials, price guarantees, money back, and more!

But that’s not enough. Not for Mattress Firm.

Giving back is something that’s always been at the core of Mattress Firm. With the Mattress Firm Foster Kids initiative, a program that’s partnered with the Ticket to Dream Foundation, they host three collection drives a year in communities throughout the nation to ensure that foster children have the resources needed to succeed. You can learn more about their community efforts here.

Additionally, the company also empowers customers by teaching them the benefits of sleep health and educates people who may be shopping for a new mattress.

To do this, the corporate offices could see potential in harnessing some of their employees to help share this knowledge, but also help various retail locations drive more business. This is where the team began looking at employee advocacy software solutions.

The Mattress Firm and EveryoneSocial Partnership

As Mattress Firm began to piece together an employee advocacy strategy, they chose EveryoneSocial as their preferred vendor.

“The biggest reason we chose EveryoneSocial was how intuitive the tool was for both the user and the admin. While we did create training, it was just easy for people to jump in and figure it out. A lot of the other tools at the time were really clunky and felt like they were trying to overcomplicate things.”

By choosing EveryoneSocial, they were not only getting an engaging and intuitive product, but a team dedicated to helping them guide their strategy for success.

With their mission driven community engagement, Mattress Firm had immediate use cases for a strategic employee advocacy platform.

To Empower Mattress Firm Associates On Social Media

One of the goals for the program was to help empower Mattress Firm associates use social media to drive local business to their stores.

Frontline employees have the most interactions with customers and can show off their storefronts. Mattress Firm enables some of their retail associates with EveryoneSocial to quickly share successes and current products.

Help Sales Share Knowledge About Sleep Health

While Mattress Firm wanted to ensure business and sales are strong, their sales team wanted to do more than push products to attract buyers.

We know by now that social media has evolved over the last decade and people do not want to be constantly spammed promotional material all day. Instead, they turn to social media for insights, research, education and community.

Knowing this, Mattress Firm also wanted to use EveryoneSocial to equip their sales force with content and knowledge around sleep health. This information can be tied to their products, but also showcase valuable information for social connections of their sales team to see.

Position Mattress Firm as a Leader

The mattress market is no joke as there are tons of brands out there competing for attention. And although Mattress Firm has been around for over 90 years, they knew it was important to keep up with the modern times.

In addition to establishing authority by sharing their knowledge around sleep health and products, they wanted to ensure audiences saw their brand as a continued leader in the sleep and mattress categories.

A great way of doing this was giving employees a tool that allowed them to easily access content and share to their networks. After all, people trust information and recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues over other forms of marketing.

Mattress Firm understands this and trusts its employees to share content that establishes their company as authentic, genuine and human.

The Numbers

Mattress Firm started with around 300 employee advocates in 2018, which has since grown to 1,500. And those EveryoneSocial users have combined additional reach of almost 106,000!

Interested in growing your sales positioning, drive larger brand engagement, and help organize content in a meaningful and engaging way for employees? Schedule your demo with EveryoneSocial to learn more.


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