Womble Bond Dickinson Activates 450+ Attorneys on EveryoneSocial

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When you think about social media, you probably don’t expect many attorneys to be sharing thought leadership content and building their personal brands on these channels.

However, Womble Bond Dickinson is doing just that and has seen some tremendous success by using EveryoneSocial and re-engaging team members and their attorneys.

The digital times are changing and creating, sharing, and engaging with content on social media can drive real business results — even for non-traditional or regulated industries.

Quick Blurb About Womble Bond Dickinson

Womble Bond Dickinson is a transatlantic law firm that was recently formed in 2017 as a result of a merger between UK-based Bond Dickinson LLP and US-based Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP.

The firm currently has 27 locations across the United States and the United Kingdom. They also offer various services in 12 different sectors.

Womble Bond Dickinson And Employee Advocacy

Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD) already had a solid social media presence as a brand, but they really wanted their attorneys to stand out and expand their reach too.

The current social program leaders know the legal industry is competitive and they know that people trust people, so they wanted their attorneys to stand out as thought leaders.

And one of the best ways for them to accomplish this is by utilizing an employee advocacy platform and strategy.

Since choosing EveryoneSocial and creating a strategy, the WBD team has made some amazing progress. But another reason their social strategy is successful and program adoption high among their company is the executive support.

Their CEO, Betty Temple has her own EveryoneSocial account and queues up content every week! Also, WBD’s CMO Ashley Horne is not only an advocate for social media, but uses EveryoneSocial to generate business results. She’s frequently in the top ten of their social program leaderboard too.

We wrote an article about executives on social media and how their participation and support can really impact your company.

Why Womble Bond Dickinson Chose EveryoneSocial

“We have tried other platforms but the EveryoneSocial mobile app was a selling point for us. We needed something clean, easy to use, and a platform that allowed attorneys to save time while utilizing social media.” – Katie Briel, Digital Marketing Manager.

The WBD team has been encouraging all attorneys to use social media for personal branding and business development, but that can be difficult with the busy lives of attorneys. Typically, curating and posting content to social media will be an afterthought.

But by utilizing EveryoneSocial, it provided their attorneys a fast and simple way for them to get social and build strong personal brands.

The marketing team knew that they needed to make sure they had a platform that was actually going to make social media easy in order to get the buy-in from the executives of the firm.

“Our attorneys really appreciate the time we take to curate content for them and the addition of suggested content for the posts. We make it really easy for them,” stated Briel.

WBD also mentioned that EveryoneSocial’s strengths include:

  • Ease of use with the product and mobile apps
  • Clean design that makes it easy for anyone to utilize
  • Great support and trainings as needed

Womble Bond Dickinson Social Re-Engagement Efforts

“We decided to do a soft launch with our marketing and business development teams, and added in a few select practice groups of attorneys to test and fine-tune our feed strategy and prepare for any obstacles we may encounter,“ mentioned Briel.

From there, the platform was rolled out for the entire firm because it was important to continue and encourage the attorneys to participate, spotlighting individual results.

But the team knew that to keep things fresh, they would need to re-engage platform users and get the right content in front of them. Here are some things the WBD admins do on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis:

  • In order to activate content sharing, the WBD team utilizes the email newsletter feature of EveryoneSocial. This is supplemented with a weekly round-up from their company feed. They also use newsletters to support current content marketing efforts; for example, they have a weekly COVID newsletter highlighting that week’s new content around that specific topic.
  • They do a weekly in-stream #WBD Social Media Tip image post to encourage good social media best practices (which are all supported in EveryoneSocial and curated for them — which reinforces how easy the program admins are making this for attorneys).
  • Womble Bond Dickinson has an internal training/e-learning system called Learning at Womble (L@W), in order to engage users in a different way and do a monthly series of EveryoneSocial “tips” and “tricks.” Because every Womble employee is required to participate in continued learning, the engagement with these emails is very high.
  • They created a quarterly influencers spotlight. WBD admins reach out to the top ten users on the leaderboard and ask them to provide a testimonial about their experience using EveryoneSocial. In return, the individuals will be tagged as an influencer and their quotes will be used in other re-engagement efforts. The program admins also create an in-stream spotlight image highlighting the influencer and their testimonial for internal engagement.

Lastly, the WBD team does quarterly email invites and reminders for three audiences. These include the following:

  • “Good Job” emails to active users
  • “We miss you” emails to inactive users
  • “You’re Invited” emails to incomplete users

So far, the WBD admins have seen the biggest jump in new users after sending out their quarterly emails.

And they have also seen a nice, steady pick-up in reach, engagements, shares, and clicks since deploying their re-engagement plan and utilizing EveryoneSocial features.

“Just shows that you can’t set it and forget it. You need to nurture it to see continued success, especially when working with people who are short on time (and sometimes patience),” said Briel.

Womble Bond Dickinson In the News

Womble Bond Dickinson recently was recognized and won several awards during the Legal Marketing Association Southeast Region 2020 Your Honor Awards.

The Legal Marketing Association has more than 3,700 members internationally, and more than 90% of the largest 200 U.S. law firms employ a member of the organization. It’s a competitive crowd, but WBD took home some awesome awards:

  • The Strategic Pursuits team won first place in the Client Services category for their work in establishing a strategic process for formal pursuits.
  • The Marketing team won first place in the Communications: Content Marketing category for its external digital resource, “Navigating the Legal Challenges of COVID-19.”
  • The Design team won third place in the Brand Enhancement category.
  • The Digital Marketing team won third place in the Technology: Applications and Innovative Use of Software, Technology and Other Platforms category for the development of digital employee advocacy via EveryoneSocial.

Not only has the team created exceptional content, but they’ve built a great social engine which is complimented with the use of EveryoneSocial to maximize reach and awareness.

Employee Advocacy Plans for The Future

With the employee advocacy success they have seen, a solid social re-engagement campaign, and some recent marketing awards, WBD has no plans of slowing down their efforts.

“This year, the firm has created an editorial board and we continue to ramp up our thought leadership efforts. We will need the firm’s support to make these campaigns as successful as they can be and expand our reach. EveryoneSocial is essential to that.”

The program admin team is setting their eyes on 100% adoption from the attorneys in their firm within the next year. Every user that they add to EveryoneSocial, and help support from a personal branding and social presence perspective, is a win for them.

The Numbers

450+ employees and attorneys using EveryoneSocial | Average shares went from 200 per month to over 600 with their re-engagement campaign | 600% increase in branded social traffic in comparable months in 2019 to 2020.

Interested in growing your organization’s brand reach, web traffic, and social engagement? Schedule your demo with EveryoneSocial to learn more.


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