How A Fortune 100 Tech Company Scaled Social Across Its Sales Team

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When this Fortune 100 technology company brought EveryoneSocial to its sales team it revolutionized the company’s social selling efforts, increasing pipeline and sales — and helping the team win bigger deals.

Just take a look at their results over the last year.

Customer Goals

Get sales reps connecting and engaging with buyers on social (aka social selling).


Because companies that utilize social selling — leveraging their networks to engage prospects and build relationships — generate better leads, increase pipeline, boost win rates, and grow deal sizes.

In fact, companies that consistently engage in social selling are 40% more likely to achieve revenue goals And when a lead is generated through these practices, it’s seven times more likely to close. Plus, social selling can double pipeline growth. 😮

Why this Fortune 100 tech company chose EveryoneSocial for social selling

  • It ensures sales reps have relevant content that’s approved for sharing.
  • It enables their reps to share to multiple networks or schedule posts for later with a single click.
  • It provides exclusive insights into whom each rep should engage with.
  • It gives the program owners a complete picture of the results.
  • It integrates with CRMs and sales enablement and engagement solutions.

Annual Results

The table below highlights the outcomes their sales reps drove over the last year.

  • The reps grew their networks to over 5M contacts.
  • They shared nearly 80K pieces of content.
  • Those shares were seen nearly 9M times.
  • They drove 200K clicks to the client’s web properties.


Needless to say, these outcomes far exceeded the client’s expectations and they plan to activate more sellers in the next year.


Example Content Shared By Sales Reps

The organization’s top-performing social content was about company news and updates, such as new initiatives, awards, and expansions.

customer's top content


Top influencers

As we like to say, everyone can be an influencer because everyone has a network.  Every seller, regardless of role or tenure, can be and benefit from being a social seller.

The table below gives you a sense of the different types of sellers and the results they generated for this Fortune 100 tech company over a single quarter.

top employee influencers


How They Achieved Success

Let’s break down how this Fortune 100 tech company leveraged the EveryoneSocial team and platform to drive social selling success.

Leaderboards and gamification

Program admins work with EveryoneSocial to create custom leaderboards to drive behaviors that enhance social selling.


Initech leaderboard


Content newsletters

EveryoneSocial’s automated content newsletters ensure no member of its sales team misses out on important or engaging content they could share with their networks.

EveryoneSocial content newsletter

In just a few minutes, the company admin set up a recurring newsletter that sends trending posts, group updates, employee-generated content, and more to the sales team. And no two emails are alike — each employee receives a personalized newsletter filled with content that matches their role and needs.


Monthly enablement sessions

The customer’s Digital Sales Specialist, in partnership with EveryoneSocial’s Client Success team, hosts monthly enablement sessions for their sales reps.

social selling tips

EveryoneSocial experts share social selling tips and strategies to help the company’s sales team get the most out of our platform — and win those deals.


Meet the Team

The Director of Sales Enablement & Engagement, along with a Digital Sales Specialist, head up the company’s social selling program. And they lead by example, often appearing on the EveryoneSocial leaderboard as the result of their own sharing and curation.

They’re supported by these EveryoneSocial team members who’ve been working with this client since launch:

EveryoneSocial customer team

“EveryoneSocial helped digital sellers establish themselves as thought leaders, increase organic sharing and engagement, influence conversations, generate new leads, and drive more sales,” said the company’s director of sales enablement.


Give Your Sellers the Edge They Need

The highest-performing salespeople use social media to share, connect, and engage with buyers, because social isn’t only where buyers are, it’s also where they prefer to be engaged.

Putting EveryoneSocial in place is a simple and cost-effective way to give your team an edge over the competitors and win bigger deals faster.

social selling stats

Schedule a chat with one of our social selling experts to discuss the following:

  • Your goals
  • The ROI you’ll generate
  • Social selling best practices
  • And more!

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