Leveraging Employee Advocacy For Social Selling


In this session Sales for Life’s Dave Howe, EveryoneSocial’s Cameron Brain and Zealous Wiley from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, discuss how employee advocacy can help establish your sales team’s authority, credibility, and increase the number of relevant conversations they have with buyers.

The webinar video includes:

  • The reality of the modern buyer (3:49)
  • What is employee advocacy? (8:11)
  • Research from Cisco on employee advocacy (14:15)
  • HPE employee statistics and results (15:40)
  • The cold calling challenge (18:38)
  • Using content to make a cold call a warm call (19:45)
  • Content sharing best practices (24:33)
  • Four keys to employee advocacy success (31:11)
  • How to track the ROI of employee advocacy (39:56)
  • Q&A (46:43)

Watch the Webinar Video

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