How to Build An Authentic Approachable Personal Brand Online


In this webinar, EveryoneSocial’s Chris Hecklinger & Adobe’s Lauren Friedman teach how you can align your passion & your profession by building an authentic, approachable personal brand online.

Here are some of the topics covered in this webinar:

  • What exactly is a personal brand and how can it help your career? (2:25)
  • What a personal brand isn’t (6:23)
  • What can you achieve with a few minutes of investment each day (8:48)
  • Personal brand success statistics and stories (13:26)
  • Example personal branding by job function (15:58)
  • Marketing experts example personal branding (19:50)
  • HR professionals example personal branding (22:35)
  • Establishing your personal brand content pillars (26:53)
  • How to discover content (29:45)
  • Choosing the right social platforms to build your brand on (31:11)
  • 5 key reasons why people share content (33:00)
  • Join niche communities that match your personal brand goals (36:08)
  • How to add value to industry discussions and communities (38:47)
  • Balancing your professional and personal identities (39:33)
  • Add your perspective to what you’re sharing (40:13)
  • Balance self-promotion with content your audience actually cares about (41:52)

Watch the Webinar Video

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