What makes EveryoneSocial different?

Our #1 focus is to provide a solution that your employees are going to love. From day 1 we’ve believed that what’s good for your employees is good for your company; give your people tools that they want to use, that help them establish their personal brand and grow their network and they’ll share your content all day long. More specifically, if you speak with one of our clients they’d likely tell you they chose EveryoneSocial for the following reasons:


An employee advocacy program is 100% driven by user engagement: how often your people use the tools you’ve given them. EveryoneSocial users are more engaged than those on any other platform, period.


As detailed below, we partner with every one of our customers to ensure success and it’s one of the things we’re known for. It’s not something we charge for because we believe it’s too important.

Built inside of Salesforce

As one of our clients put it, “if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.” That’s why we integrated EveryoneSocial inside of Salesforce as it’s own tab, with 100% of the functionality. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Natively integrated with the biggest social networks

It’s critical that you provide your salespeople with access to the tools and networks relevant to the geo they work in. That’s why EveryoneSocial is natively integrated with the most-used networks in NA, APAC, EMEA and LATAM and used by salespeople in over 65 countries worldwide.

Powerful social listening tools

Social listening is one of the most effective activities your salespeople can engage in. EveryoneSocial provides you and your team with a bevy of tools to monitor people, companies, social posts, and press announcements to stay on top of your competitors, customers, and partners.

Field marketing materials at their fingertips

No doubt your company produces great field marketing materials, but do your salespeople know how to access them? EveryoneSocial allows you to easily make field marketing materials available to your salespeople with complete tracking and attribution. Trust us, you and they will like this.

Fully white labeled to your brand

Every aspect of EveryoneSocial can be fully white labeled to conform to your brand guidelines, including a custom landing and registration page. Make EveryoneSocial truly your own.

Results we’ve driven

Lots of companies like to cite stats from studies that someone else produced. We’re fortunate to be able to cite our own. Teams who use EveryoneSocial as a part of their social selling stack see a lift in pipeline, win rate, and deal size.

We partner with every client to ensure your success.

We’ve worked with the best and can help guide you and your team away from pitfals, share best practices and learnings, and connect you with peers in the industry.

Dedicated member of our customer success team

Everyone of our clients is matched with a dedicated member of our customer success team. This is the person your program admins will work with pre-, during and post-launch.

Live user and admin trainings, account set up, etc.

Your dedicated customer success person will not only help you get your account up and running, they’ll lead live trainings for both admins and end users, including refresher sessions when new features or released or new users are onboarded.

Bi-weekly check-in calls, quarterly deep-dives

Helping your team track the right metrics and adjust based on your business goals is the primary area where your dedicated customer success person will assist. We like to conduct our quarterly deep-dives in person whenever possible, typically with a member of our senior management team.

Want to go deeper?

Schedule a demo and a member of our team will walk you through all areas of the platform and discuss your particular needs and goals.

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