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Why Genesys Invested Big In A Social Selling Program

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More conversations, more movement

Sales success starts with building pipeline, and there is no channel that offers greater access to a larger group of prospects than social.

All your targets, in one place

Every single person you and your team need to be going after is on social and you don’t need their permission to interact.

Double your pipeline

Salespeople who leverage social for prospecting generate an average of 2x the pipeline as compared to those that don’t.

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Total Shares.

Social selling programs drive increased pipeline, better win rates, and up to 48% larger deals.

Win Rates

Close more, stronger deals

We all know we're far more likely to close a deal the closer we are to the people on the buyer's side. Social affords your team the opportunity to make connections across an org and foster those relationships no matter where they are in the world.

Be everywhere, all the time

As the CEO of a customer of ours put it, “social selling allows us to completely take over our prospects social feeds.” Give your people all the content and materials they are ever going to need at their fingertips, ready to share with a single click.

Stronger, better closes

Sales is very much a part of the customer experience and social is a critical tool to meeting your (future) customers where they want to be met and interacting them on their terms. Social selling is about real relationships and genuine engagement.

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Top Performing Posts.

When a lead is generated through social selling
that lead is 7X more likely to close compared to
other tactics.

Deal Size

More dollars in the door

Across industries, EveryoneSocial customers have shown direct correlation between social selling and increased deal sizes, in some cases as much as 42%.

Have conviction, will spend

The more a buyer is convinced of your offering and the value it conveys, the more likely they are going to be interested in signing a bigger deal.

It’s time to get in the game

Like most things in business, the winners are the ones that get in early, learn the fastest, and put in the effort. If your team is looking for an edge (and who isn’t) now is the time to invest in social selling.

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Social selling increases deal sizes by up to 42%. Yes, that's for real.


Let's get connected

From CRMs to data pools, EveryoneSocial provides all the integrations you'll need to craft a comprehensive view of performance and results.

Integrated with Salesforce

As one of our customers put it, “If it doesn’t exist in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.” Fortunately, your salespeople can access EveryoneSocial in all its glory from a tab within Salesforce.

Pull whatever data you need

Want to pull data from EveryoneSocial into your data pool? No problem, we’ve got an API for that.

Bitly, Adobe, and Google too

Ensure key data flows properly into your web and other analytics platforms with EveryoneSocial’s powerful UTM tools.

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