The 12 Days Of Blogging

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How to improve your blog strategy with 12 easy steps.

If you haven’t executed a blogging strategy within your organization, maybe it’s time to begin.

Or perhaps your company has a blog, but the overall strategy could use a tune-up.

Blogs make good business sense for any modern marketing organization. According to BlogHer, 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. Companies that have blogs have 97% more inbound links, says Hubspot.

B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not, yet only 33% of B2B companies use blogs, according to InsideView.

What better time than the holiday season to get started on a regular blogging habit, and improve your company’s current blogging efforts?


Follow these 12 days of tips to tune up your blogging strategy and execution plan:


Day 1 – Pay attention to web analytics. 

Look for your top 10-20 blog posts, which are likely responsible for most of your blog traffic, and determine why they are driving interest from your prospect and customer base.

Replicate what is working well, and use this information to help plan upcoming blog topics.


Day 2 – Look for common themes or topic areas across multiple blog posts. 

Can this be built into a multi-part series on your blog?

You may have already written the backbone of an ebook, and the content just happens to be sitting in five different blog posts.


Day 3 – Begin a daily blog journal of ideas.

Get in the habit of free writing ideas for 15 minutes every day.

This will help you develop the discipline for consistent writing, and you can always revisit prior topics for further exploration.


Day 4 – Mine for gold inside of customer surveys.

You may even find hidden gems for your product team — look for words that resonate and topics that are important to your customers.


Day 5 – Expand winning topics. 

Should this blog topic be exploded into a SlideShare or webinar topic? Should you be writing more blogs on this topic?

Let the winning topics inform your entire content strategy for the quarter or year.


Day 6 – Remember to social share blogs on a consistent basis. 

Sometimes we reserve our social shares for gated content assets, and forget about the lowly blog post.

Have you shared this blog post through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other relevant social media networks for your target audience?

Comb through older blogs, and share them with your networks, to reach new people who weren’t following you a year ago.


Day 7 – Engage your influencers. 

Have you encouraged your influencer network to share relevant blog posts with their networks? How recently? How frequently?


Day 8 – Make it an upcycling day.

Spend an hour looking for high performing content. Instead of writing from scratch, spend time repackaging an existing winner into something new and better.


Day 9 – Tell the story with a visual. 

Does this blog lend itself to an infographic?


Day 10 – Do a video/audio interview. 

Can this topic be discussed in a video or audio Q&A between one of your influencers and a key customer? Could it be articulated through a whiteboarding session that you capture on video?


Day 11 – Take it on the road. 

Should your CEO make this winning blog topic part of his next presentation at an industry event?


Day 12 – Take a Content Creation Vacation.

Give your team permission to stop creating new content for a week, or even a month, if you’re feeling brave.

Enforcing a Content Creation Vacation is one of the best ways to remind your team to take stock of content that already exists, and encourage your team to find new content ideas in existing content.

Once you’ve executed these 12 tips to a better blogging strategy, remember to check key metrics to evaluate how this focused energy will impact your overall blog performance.

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