How One Social Share Generated $136K in Revenue

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A simple social share can have incredible impact. It can relay information, tell a story, change an opinion, prompt a purchase, or, in the case of one EveryoneSocial customer, it can more than pay for your entire employee advocacy program.

An account manager at a manufacturing company recently kickstarted just such an occurrence — and his single social share led to $136,000 in revenue. 😮

Here’s what happened:

This account manager was scrolling through his EveryoneSocial feed when he came across a post about one of his company’s new products and how it helps businesses optimize their resources.

He thought the post might be of interest to some of his customers, so he clicked “share” and posted the article to his LinkedIn account via EveryoneSocial.

It wasn’t long before one of his existing clients, a biotech company, saw the post and reached out.

The client thought the product would address a pain point their company was experiencing, so they requested a sample.

Sure enough, the product was the perfect solution to the client’s problem, so they placed an order. For $136,000. 🤯

In other words, that account manager’s single social share more than paid for his organization’s employee advocacy program for the entire year. 🎉 Talk about ROI!

But this EveryoneSocial customer’s experience is about more than just money — it’s also a reminder about the importance of connecting with others, networking, and sharing knowledge.

And while this success story is undeniably incredible, we have to point out that it’s hardly unique.

At EveryoneSocial, we regularly hear stories like this from our clients about how employee-shared content drives not only sales, but also marketing, communications, hiring, and more.

These stories are the ultimate proof point of WHY employee advocacy is so important to all businesses: Everything starts with awareness.

Social media is where your customers, prospects, partners, potential hires, and more spend time, do research, network, and engage with others.

So if your most powerful asset — your employees — aren’t on social media talking about the great stuff your company’s doing, then who is? … 🦗

EveryoneSocial has been the leader in employee advocacy for more than a decade, and, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that your people are ready, willing, and eager to share company content. You just need to empower them to become employee influencers — and give them the tools to do so.

Ready to do that for your employees? Let’s chat.