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Why Employee Activation is Crucial to the Growth of Your Company

Employee activation is crucial for the growth of your company and brand, but first and foremost activation is necessary for finding meaning in your own work. When we think of activating ourselves, what might come to mind? Pyrotechnics and drum rolls, like Beyoncé at Super Bowl 50? Almost every comic book superhero/ine origin story? Dune, all the Sailor Scouts, Dragon Ball, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Siddartha, Jesus (though it happens off camera).  For most of us, these personas represent unrealistic examples. Activation is not an ecstatic sonic boom that one broadcasts upon reaching a certain velocity of personal satisfaction, nor…

AuthorJason Brain

Date November 27, 2019

Important Employee Advocacy Trends [Where We See The Industry Going]

The employee advocacy trends that every organization should know about and consider in the new year. Over the last few years, businesses and company leaders are increasingly valuing the power of their people (employees) more than ever before.  Activating employees is no longer just a supplemental approach, but a must have for your company to continue to grow and advance.  And because of that, employee advocacy programs have grown from a novelty concept, to a true game changer for companies.  Now, as we move into a new decade, there will be some interesting employee advocacy trends to lookout for and…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date November 26, 2019

10 Employee Advocacy Examples [The Top Brands That Are Crushing It]

Finding some of the best employee advocacy examples will help you understand how other companies are using an internal social program. Yet, these examples will also show you how other well-known brands are quite successful with it. The concept of activating employees on social may be new, somewhat scary, or maybe you are unsure how it can benefit your organization. This is why we created this post, to ensure you feel more at ease and learn what other brands have done to enhance their marketing, sales, communications, and social recruiting through employee advocacy. This post will cover: Employee Advocacy Background…

AuthorCameron Brain

Date November 20, 2019

How to Create An Attractive Social Media Content Strategy That Engages

The social media content strategy that your organization chooses to create has a profound impact on your company brand. Randomly posting content or blog post links to general company content no longer has the impact as it once did. Plus, social media platforms have evolved and audiences have come to expect more from brands they choose to follow. And the demand for more interesting and engaging content also comes from your current employees and customers.  This means your company must continue to measure and adapt as needed, otherwise you’ll be left behind as competitors sweep the social media playing field.  …

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date November 12, 2019

The Best Employer Branding Examples on Social Media

If your organization is becoming a social business and values the digital experience, then you are well aware of the value of employer branding online.  Over the last few years this idea has become so popular and necessary, that companies are now hiring people to specifically manage employer brand. But it makes sense as the employee experience and work culture demands have shifted with new generations of workers.  Below I’m going to dive into some of the best employer branding examples online from recognizable brands. Don’t worry, you can apply what these large companies do to your own organization’s employer…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date October 29, 2019

Your Employee Advocacy Platform Is Not Just about Sharing on Social Media

If you have an employee advocacy platform currently or are doing research on selecting one, you might have read the title of this post with a question mark in your mind.  And while social sharing and leveraging employees social media accounts are core pillars of employee advocacy, the technology and the way it’s used is evolving.  It’s time for organizations to see the numerous uses employee advocacy platforms have besides enabling employees to share content to their social networks. Below, I’m going to dive into some history of the employee advocacy platform and how this technology should be used for…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date October 22, 2019

Bullseye! How To Build A Social Media Training Plan for Employees

As your company explores employee advocacy for the myriad of benefits it provides, it’s important that there is a social media training plan in place. Many employees will already be well-versed with social platforms and others not as much.  But no matter what level of social knowledge employees have, your organization must ensure that everyone is given proper guidance and training.  And for your social program to be successful in the long term, the training provided below will ensure that you have a team of expert brand advocates. The proper use of social is also important as it increases success…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date October 8, 2019

When London Met Employee Advocacy [EveryoneSocial Updates]

EveryoneSocial Is Off To London! It’s fall, which means the EveryoneSocial team is headed across the pond to spend some time with our amazing clients in Europe! We love our EU-based clients and users, many of whom are deep believers in employee advocacy and comprise of our most active and successful programs world-wide. We’re especially excited for this year’s trip for two reasons: We’re hosting a private event of our own for EU-based EveryoneSocial customers!We’re a sponsor of the London Talent Brand Summit (if you’re in a recruiting/employer brand role, this is a community you need to check out)  …

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date October 2, 2019

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