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Why Leading With Gamification In Your Social Program Is A Mistake

Typically in many software products, gamification becomes a key product element to entice users to take some sort of action consistently.  This might be to improve marketing results, increase employee engagement, help product retention, etc.  While gamification can be a great product feature, many organizations like to lead with it to entice employees to use it more. This is especially true with employee advocacy platforms. But leading with gamification to get your team social sharing and more involved is actually a mistake. Here is what is what I’m going to cover: Why Leading with Gamification is a MistakeGamification in Employee…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date August 13, 2019

Social Media in The Workplace: What Every Executive Should Know

Funny to think back when Facebook first rolled out public access — I was sitting in my dorm room in 2004 and remember signing up without any anticipation of how momentous this new form of media would become.  Speculating in hindsight, what college student back then could have imagined that social media in the workplace would become central to digital business? Of course, many students were thinking about this; admittedly I was not one of them however!   Social Media in the Workplace Today A generous decade and then some later, social media has shifted away from any stigma as…

AuthorJason Brain

Date July 30, 2019

How to Build An Employee Communications Strategy That Unifies Your Team

The relevance of employee communications today In a social-first workforce, employees are already informally communicating internally via Messenger (Facebook), Messages (Apple), Hangouts (Google), Discord, and WhatsApp to name the biggies. Email’s here to stay, and then there’s the official office chat tool of choice, often Slack. As anyone in a larger organization has experienced, Slack can become a cacophony of distractions from one’s focus-flow, inhibiting deep work. With the myriad of communication channels humming in any given office, is “employee communications” best addressed with a managerial strategy (forbid, a mere policy)? Perhaps these terms are inappropriate due to the contemporary…

AuthorJason Brain

Date July 23, 2019

Employee Involvement: The Missing Piece of Your Current Brand Strategy

Most companies with employees are starting to realize that their results are nothing without their people. This is especially true for large and enterprise businesses, but this can be said for any sized organization. Since the competition among businesses is fierce (especially with the digital advances), organizations need to find other ways to keep the company results and brand reach growing. And it’s exactly why your company needs to put a greater emphasis on employee involvement. Without your company’s people getting more involved and engaged, your organization and brand will quickly fall behind. Before we dive in, here’s what will…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date June 25, 2019

How to Use Educational Content to Drive Brand Engagement

Educational content that is unconditionally proffered by a company is a low-cost means to enable brand exposure and foster engagement with the general public, prospects, competitors, and existing clients or customers. The overarching criteria for every type of educational content explored and differentiated in this piece is unconditional accessibility. Without sincere generosity of access on the company’s part and authentic content therein, I’d argue the prefix here of “educational” is more appropriately replaced by: promotional.   What’s So Educational About This Piece Anyway? The obvious pitfall of writing a piece about educational content along the lines that I’ve established is…

AuthorJason Brain

Date June 20, 2019

Word of Mouth Marketing: The Original Employee Advocacy

In the beginning, there were, the four-P’s. Then there was the three-R’s. Or maybe those came before the P’s? For sure, the most recent are the three-E’s. All of these alliterative acronyms speak either directly or indirectly to word of mouth marketing, but how do they pertain to the most prominent form of emerging advertising: employee advocacy?   Word-of-mouth, the other 8th-wonder of the world   Word of Mouth Marketing, Or Why WOMM Has Always Been The Bomb Dot Com As Ambassador Marketing puts it, “For centuries, word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) has influenced purchasing decisions on everything from buying a new…

AuthorJason Brain

Date June 18, 2019

Employee Advocacy Mistakes: The Seven Sins of Social Programs

The seven sins of social programs, also known as the admin vices, the seven traits of managers, or cardinal kerfuffles, is a grouping and classification of employee advocacy mistakes gleaned from our clients’ collated teachings. But don’t take it personally if your employee advocacy program is missing the mark — sometimes that’s a good place to start anew. As the saying goes: whoever has been forgiven little, engages little. Below are the major employee advocacy mistakes that admins and managers should be mindful of when beginning or growing your social program. Because let’s be honest: the sins of users don’t…

AuthorJason Brain

Date June 13, 2019

The 28 Employee Engagement Statistics Your Company Needs to Know

The Most Interesting Employee Engagement Statistics Looking for valuable and interesting employee engagement statistics? Then you came to the right place! Below I’ll discuss more about employee engagement and some interesting numbers that might be surprising, shocking, or just plain fascinating.   Employee engagement is about improving your company workplace and culture so that employees feel more connected and dedicated to the goals and values. This is built up through trust, company integrity, and communication between your organization and the employees. And it’s a big initiative companies tend to focus on (and should want to work on) as it greatly…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date May 28, 2019

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