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Internal Marketing: Why Your Company Should Prioritize It

Learn everything you and your organization need to know about internal marketing and why your company needs to prioritize it right now.   Over recent years, the world of marketing has been (and continues to be) completely re-shaped and directed by digital technologies and the internet. This is not to say traditional marketing does not have its place still, but the development of new marketing technologies coupled with the adoption of new marketing strategies continues to accelerate.   Some Marketing Strategies You’re probably familiar with many of the new marketing trends, terms, and strategies in current rotation, including: Inbound Marketing:…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date July 2, 2019

How to Use Educational Content to Drive Brand Engagement

Educational content that is unconditionally proffered by a company is a low-cost means to enable brand exposure and foster engagement with the general public, prospects, competitors, and existing clients or customers. The overarching criteria for every type of educational content explored and differentiated in this piece is unconditional accessibility. Without sincere generosity of access on the company’s part and authentic content therein, I’d argue the prefix here of “educational” is more appropriately replaced by: promotional.   What’s So Educational About This Piece Anyway? The obvious pitfall of writing a piece about educational content along the lines that I’ve established is…

AuthorJason Brain

Date June 20, 2019

Word of Mouth Marketing: The Original Employee Advocacy

In the beginning, there were, the four-P’s. Then there was the three-R’s. Or maybe those came before the P’s? For sure, the most recent are the three-E’s. All of these alliterative acronyms speak either directly or indirectly to word of mouth marketing, but how do they pertain to the most prominent form of emerging advertising: employee advocacy?   Word-of-mouth, the other 8th-wonder of the world   Word of Mouth Marketing, Or Why WOMM Has Always Been The Bomb Dot Com As Ambassador Marketing puts it, “For centuries, word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) has influenced purchasing decisions on everything from buying a new…

AuthorJason Brain

Date June 18, 2019

How Televerde Empowers Incarcerated Women Professionally Via Social Selling

One of the great benefits of working at EveryoneSocial, is working with some truly amazing companies. Each has their own unique story, strategies, and reasons for focusing on social media and employee advocacy. Televerde’s unique business model is not only financially successful but is also built around an amazing mission that provides skills, education, and job opportunities to women in, and after, incarceration.   While I’m sure the title of this post might have grabbed your attention, I’m going to share a bit more about their business and partnership with EveryoneSocial too. Below, you’ll find the main sections of this…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date June 11, 2019

The Essential DNA of Your Organization’s Best Brand Advocates

Looking to reach more audiences, connect with potential buyers, and create a tight knit team internally? Your organization needs to identify your best brand advocates and enlist their enthusiasm and influence.   You and your organization already know social media has taken the world by storm and hasn’t shown many signs of stopping. These social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) have shaped the way the world communicates and offers a way to connect with others that haven’t been seen before. Because of this shift in the way people communicate, brands and companies are looking for ways to succeed in this crowded…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date June 4, 2019

How to Create Engaging Content That Employees Will Want to Share

Having employees share branded content on their social media networks has significant impacts for your company. From marketing, sales, recruiting, and employer branding. But what engaging content does your team need to create that employees will want to share? In our social and digital world, your company must consider the value of getting your employees engaged online. Additionally, you probably realize (or maybe don’t realize) that half of your employees have likely mentioned your company, policies, products or employees in some form of post, unsolicited. “98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 30, 2019

The Essential Framework All Branding Strategies Must Include for Success

Every company has their own set of unique branding strategies that they practice to grow reach and connect with consumers. Although each company might have a different approach, all types of brand strategies should include some similar essential elements. By now, we all know how important branding and brand messaging is for the growth and recognition of companies. But brands also need to think different with their strategies, especially with the digital rise and a need for more transparency. “A survey found that 94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it is committed…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 23, 2019

The Employee Engagement Activities That Everyone Thinks Are True

By now, your company should be well aware that employee engagement activities are critical for the success of the business. For example, companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue. (Aberdeen) But employee engagement also greatly impacts your employees. You want your organizations’ employees to be interested in their jobs, to feel as though they’re part of the team, and impact the success of the company. Yet, even though there are plenty of employee engagement activities out there from all the research, there are also a lot of myths surrounding how…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 9, 2019

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