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How to Create Engaging Content That Employees Will Want to Share

Having employees share branded content on their social media networks has significant impacts for your company. From marketing, sales, recruiting, and employer branding. But what engaging content does your team need to create that employees will want to share? In our social and digital world, your company must consider the value of getting your employees engaged online. Additionally, you probably realize (or maybe don’t realize) that half of your employees have likely mentioned your company, policies, products or employees in some form of post, unsolicited. “98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 30, 2019

The Essential Framework All Branding Strategies Must Include for Success

Every company has their own set of unique branding strategies that they practice to grow reach and connect with consumers. Although each company might have a different approach, all types of brand strategies should include some similar essential elements. By now, we all know how important branding and brand messaging is for the growth and recognition of companies. But brands also need to think different with their strategies, especially with the digital rise and a need for more transparency. “A survey found that 94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it is committed…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 23, 2019

The Employee Engagement Activities That Everyone Thinks Are True

By now, your company should be well aware that employee engagement activities are critical for the success of the business. For example, companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue. (Aberdeen) But employee engagement also greatly impacts your employees. You want your organizations’ employees to be interested in their jobs, to feel as though they’re part of the team, and impact the success of the company. Yet, even though there are plenty of employee engagement activities out there from all the research, there are also a lot of myths surrounding how…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date April 9, 2019

5 Ways to Inspire Participation in Your Employee Advocacy Initiatives

Below you’ll learn how to inspire participation in your employee advocacy initiatives and how to keep that engagement growing for long-term results.   Employees can be one of your company’s biggest assets when advocating for your business on social media. They can generate new leads and customers, attract top talent, and be the voice for your brand. All simply by using their distinct personality and voice to talk up your industry, work culture, products, and services on their personal social networks. But many employees aren’t automatically going to be on board with your company’s employee advocacy initiatives or want to…

AuthorEric Roach

Date March 19, 2019

The Most Valuable Social Media Statistics Your Company Should Know

If you are reading this post, you most likely know the value of social media in this digital age. Or maybe you are looking for additional data for your company. Either way, you came to the right place for all your social media statistics needs.   I’m sure you are probably hyper-aware that social media networks have become a juggernaut for businesses. Whether that is growing the brand, connecting with buyers and customers, using social media for sales, recruiting top talent, etc. Social media plays a major role in all areas of your organization. Below, our goal is to share…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date March 12, 2019

How to Build A Unique Internal Brand at Your Company

Are you considering building a unique internal brand at your company? If not, it’s certainly something you should invest time and resources to. Below you’ll learn what it is and how to build one successfully.   When you think of the brand, most of the time it’s what your company portrays to customers, prospects, consumers and how your company is overall identified. Yet, your employees are also the core of your brand, which is where the term “internal brand” comes in. Most people tend to think that communicating with your employees like memos, bulletin boards, or company newsletters is enough…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date March 5, 2019

Amplify Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy With These Essential Tips

Below, you’ll learn how to amplify your B2B content marketing strategy to help you grow your company’s reach, drive more quality leads, and boost web traffic.   You’ve probably come across discussions as to whether content marketing is a waste of time in the current climate of the internet. And many of the critics say content is too crowded or it takes too much time to produce quality results. In a way, there may be some truth to those concerns. Yet, for B2B, content production and promotion can produce consistent results in the long-term if approached correctly. In this post,…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date February 26, 2019

Your Company Culture Is the Key to Creating Strong Brand Champions

Your company culture is key to growing the business and improving employee engagement. But it’s also important for creating long-term brand champions.   In today’s changing landscape, jobs are becoming less and less of a 9-5 construct; today’s workforce wants to find a job that’s not just a paycheck, but a passion. That’s great news for you as an employer. These types of employees should be inherently great candidates for employee advocacy or becoming your “brand champions” on social media. However, you can’t just expect that every employee will begin tweeting and posting things about your company as soon as…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date February 12, 2019

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