New EveryoneSocial Features: Admin Post Controls For Mobile, Embed Widget (Beta), And More!

Bobby Olson

Associate Copywriter

5 minute read

How many of your employees are already on social?

In many places, March brings with it the first traces of spring, but at EveryoneSocial, it brings something much more exciting: new features!

“But don’t you release new features all the time? Not just in March?”

Yes. Yes, we do.

However, I can’t start off every single one of these posts with a song reference, so let’s not be nitpicky and just move on.

We’ve got some changes on the agenda today that we think you’re going to love!


Admin Post Controls Arrive On Mobile

We talk about using software platforms a lot (for obvious reasons), and one thing that we’ve mentioned repeatedly is how important it is to use mobile apps to keep your employees connected.

True to that spirit, we strive to ensure that the EveryoneSocial mobile app performs just as well as the web version.

That’s why admins and moderators now have the same controls that they do on the web when posting from mobile!


This includes:

  • Custom notification messages when marking posts as important
  • Including suggested share copy with posts
  • Pinning posts
  • Scheduling posts, including post expiration date and time
  • Disclosures and branded hashtags
  • Sharing to Slack and Teams

Thanks to this update, you can create and share content whether you’re in the office, on the road, or curled up in bed under four blankets!


Embed Widget Enters Public Beta

So, you have a really great influencer program going and you’d like to show off your peoples’ content anywhere you can?

First of all, we applaud both your program’s performance AND your sharp content distribution instincts. Secondly, this is a great time to bring up a new feature we’re rolling out!

Drumroll please…

Introducing the embed widget! This little doodad allows you to stick EveryoneSocial posts, well, anywhere. Functionally, it’s very similar to the Public Post Page in that any piece of content that is marked as shareable can be embedded.


Also like Public Post Pages, embedded posts allow viewers to interact in different ways depending on whether they’re a registered EveryoneSocial user or not.

Registered users can interact with an embedded EveryoneSocial post just like they would within the native platform: liking, commenting, sharing, and viewing who else has engaged with it.


Conversely, unregistered users can see only how many likes, comments, and shares a post has. While they can’t see who’s commenting or sharing, unregistered users CAN still see the share button, so they can still help get your content out there.

For now, embedded posts have to be turned on by our Support Team, so reach out if you’re a client who would like to utilize this feature.

Here’s an example share post embedded from our workspace:


User Management Gets An Upgrade

Ahhhh…user management. The bane of literally any program manager, ever.

We understand. This month’s update comes with some tweaks to the User Management area of EveryoneSocial’s Admin console, and they’re designed to make our customers’ lives easier.

Now, Admins can:

  • Suspend and remove users
    • Suspending removes a user from your Workspace — and revokes their access — but reactivation is an option. However, removing a suspended user permanently deletes their account from EveryoneSocial.
  • Edit user info to change their department, location, or role
  • Filter displayed users by department, location or role

That’s it! A nice Goldilocks product update blog for today: not too long, not too short. Also, to all our loyal fans who are so passionate about social media that they’re willing to read these until the end…we see you, and we appreciate you.


Have questions about specific feature updates? Reach out to our customer support team. If you’re not a customer, sign up for our free forever Starter Plan or schedule your demo and find out what EveryoneSocial can do for you!

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