Activate Unlimited Advocates — Execs, Employees, Customers, Partners and more — For One Price!

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Go ahead, activate your entire company!

Exclusive to EveryoneSocial, our flat-rate pricing includes unlimited users. Never deal with per user pricing again, no matter how many people you activate!


On behalf of the team here at EveryoneSocial, I’m very excited to share that we now offer unlimited users for a flat price.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to help you and every client we work with activate any and all of their brand advocates.

And what we’ve learned is that pricing on a per-user basis (charging for each user you activate) has a tendency to get in the way of that goal.

Per-user pricing is hard to budget for, it causes you and your team to waste valuable time managing inactive users, and it kills opportunities for your program to expand organically.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories about one team telling another that they can’t leverage EveryoneSocial because there aren’t extra seats/budget.

Unlimited users for a flat price changes everything.

Budgeting is no longer an issue, you don’t have to spend a second managing inactive users, and you can happily help other teams leverage the platform to activate their people and communities.

Does unlimited mean that you need to activate everyone in your company?  No, you can take any amount of time you need to expand and grow. And trust us — growth will happen.

Does unlimited really mean unlimited? Yes! Activate all your people, every single one of them. Then go and activate your customers, partners, alumni, etc. When we say unlimited, we mean it!

Wait, so we can activate people outside the company too? 100%. Another benefit of unlimited is that it opens up new frontiers to activate advocates outside your company.

You have amazing people in and outside your organization who want to help you promote the great work you’re doing. Not having to pay per advocate means the only limit is your creativity and ambition.

Want to learn more? Reply to this email or visit this page. Fill out the form there and we’ll prepare an unlimited pricing proposal just for you.

We’ve been transitioning existing clients to unlimited user plans for the last few quarters and the results (user activation, sharing, engagements, impressions) have been awe-inspiring.

No matter where you are in your advocacy journey, we can help — whether you’re just starting out, transitioning from another solution, or scaling a program already on EveryoneSocial.

Get your own unlimited user price quote!

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