It’s Never Been Easier to Switch to EveryoneSocial

Laura Moss

Manager of Content Marketing

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Never deal with per user pricing again!

Exclusive to EveryoneSocial, our flat-rate pricing includes unlimited users... and we mean that!

When LinkedIn Elevate shut down in 2021, there’s a reason why LinkedIn redirected traffic from that page to EveryoneSocial — and it’s not just because we’re the best employee and brand advocacy solution on the market.

It’s also because switching to our platform is as easy as, well, activating your employee influencers.

“Clients coming over from existing platforms is a pretty easy transition,” says Alisa Switzler, EveryoneSocial senior implementation manager.

Ready to switch to EveryoneSocial? Here’s what you can expect.

How We Onboard New Customers — and Help Them Succeed

We want your transition to go as smoothly as possible, so first our implementation team will chat with your salesperson to familiarize themselves with your organization, the existing platform you use, what you’re looking to get out of EveryoneSocial, and any questions you may have.

“I’ll ask them what’s been working for them and what they’re looking to change up,” Switzler says.

Now that we’re up to speed, we’re ready for our kickoff call with you, so we can get to know you even better and outline an implementation process customized to your needs.

Here’s an overview of what our implementation team will discuss with you to help them develop a transition plan that works specifically for you.

Timeline and Planning

First things first, we’ll get a plan in place to ensure we meet your goals.

“We use to keep the implementation on track, and I’ll determine how we need to adjust the plan to accommodate what this particular client needs,” Switzler says.

EveryoneSocial implementation plan

Here’s an example of an implementation plan, but if you’re working with a tighter turnaround, no worries. Our team will meet you where you are and ensure you’re set up and ready to go with EveryoneSocial.

What we want to know:

  • Is there a hard date when your existing platform will be shut off?
  • When do you need EveryoneSocial up and running?
  • What can we do to ensure we get you there on time?


Creating, sharing, and engaging with content is at the core of advocacy, and EveryoneSocial is designed to make curating and sharing content a breeze.

“Not all advocacy platforms allow for engageable content, so this is something a lot of clients are excited about,” Switzler says.

Our team won’t help you load up your people’s EveryoneSocial feeds with company content alone. We understand that sharing a variety of content — industry news, professional development information, and more — is key to meeting your brand advocacy goals, whether you want to engage employees, scale social selling efforts, recruit employees, or anything else.

Implementation will also set you up with social media prompts to get your people sharing, RSS feeds you can add, and more.

What we want to know:

  • How was your content organized and structured in your previous advocacy platform?
  • What did you like about it?
  • What didn’t work for you?
  • What kind of content do you want to populate EveryoneSocial with?

Users and Training

Your people are important and with our new unlimited-users pricing, you can now activate everyone for one price.

“To begin, I ask who from the existing platform will be coming over and who in addition to that group will be joining,” Switzler says.

Our implementation team then works with you to set up demos and training sessions as needed for admins, moderators, and users.

For people new to advocacy, we’ll detail why advocacy is important and showcase how it can benefit them. Those who are already familiar with it, such as seasoned program admins, can attend training focused specifically on how to use EveryoneSocial.

Initech leaderboard

And this training pays off — 80% of people invited to EveryoneSocial register within the first 30 days!

What we want to know:

  • How many people participated in your program? Who were your top users?
  • How many employees would you like to activate?
  • How do we move users to this new platform?
  • Are there any existing users that will now become EveryoneSocial moderators?
  • How can we bring new users into EveryoneSocial and get them excited about participating?
  • What’s the plan for onboarding new hires to EveryoneSocial?
  • Did you use gamification in your previous program?
  • How can we gamify your program and set up leaderboards that get people excited to participate?

Goals and Analytics

We want you to succeed, so we’re eager to know what employee advocacy success looks like to you.

Not sure what your goals are yet? No problem. We can help.

“The EveryoneSocial team will provide benchmarks, but it’s helpful for us to see what you’ve been tracking,” Switzler says. “That way we can compare apples-to-apples data as best we can.”

EveryoneSocial analytics dashboard

Now that we know what to track, we’ll keep a close eye on your program’s performance, work with you to help reach your goals, and provide plenty of feedback.

“We do weekly check-ins after we launch EveryoneSocial, as well as send KPI emails and do a complete 30-day post-launch review,” Switzler says. “I’ll also go back to the customer’s original KPIs, as well as our own benchmarks, and compare them.”

What we want to know:

  • What metrics are most important to you?
  • What were your metrics like in your previous program?
  • How can we help you set new KPIs in EveryoneSocial and compare data sets?

Ready to make the switch to EveryoneSocial? We can’t wait to help you out.

Here’s your next step!

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