EveryoneSocial’s Fair Billing Policy – Teams Plan

TL;DR: Only pay for your people who actually use EveryoneSocial.

We have always believed that for EveryoneSocial to be successful, our customers must be successful as well. For this reason and as a customer on our Teams plan, you will only be billed for your active members – you won’t pay for members who are not using EveryoneSocial.

Billing Policy Basics

  • When you sign up and purchase an EveryoneSocial Teams plan, the plan will cover your entire workspace, but you’ll only be billed for your active members under the plan.
  • Any changes to the number of active members in your workspace in a given month will be reflected in your billing statement.
  • If all members of your team are inactive, you’ll be billed for a minimum of one member, unless you decide to downgrade to the Starter (free) plan.

Paid Members

  • Workspace Owners
  • Workspace Admins
  • Active Members

Free Members

  • Inactive Members
  • Invited Members*
  • Bots

*Note: When an invited team member accepts their invitation to join your workspace and use EveryoneSocial, they’ll be billed as an active member starting that day.

When You Will See Credit Card Charges

You will see the first credit card charge from EveryoneSocial on the day you purchase a paid plan and submit your credit card information. Thereafter, you will see all charges and adjustments on your monthly renewal date.