How Personal & Employer Branding Drives Recruitment Marketing f/ Maasa Walker at Meta

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

4 minute read

How many of your employees are already on social?

We’ve all heard the Steve Jobs quote that “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

Jobs was speaking to product marketing, but as Maasa Walker exemplifies in this episode of Social At Scale recruiters and employer brand strategists also set themselves apart with storytelling.

“The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come…” 

That describes a recruiter nowadays, right? Of course! Not to mention the employer brand social leader, who sets the tone with their authentic and audience focused storytelling.

Want to grow your candidate pool with authentic and engaging storytelling?

Tune in and catch Maasa and Cameron covering the following employer brand and recruitment marketing topics:

  • The journey from recruiting to employer brand
  • External and internal storytelling
  • How to differentiate yourself as a recruiter on social
  • Employer brand enables recruiters and sales
  • Who are the best networkers in any organization
  • What lights you up determines your best routine
  • Promising platform trends looking forward

Watch the Full Episode

Three recruiting & employer brand takeaways:

Key takeaway 1: Grow and nurture your candidate population

With over a decade of talent acquisition success under her belt, Maasa knows how important it is to nurture a candidate pool in advance.

This all begins with knowing what your audience wants, and what they are interested in.

Listen to this clip from the full episode to hear more! 🔊🔛👇

Key takeaway 2: Always read the channel (then do your own thing anyway)

This is another way of saying the familiar idiom: read the room. 

Before engaging with an audience, always listen to the tone and survey the range of topics engaged with on that platform.

What lands on Twitter might receive crickets on LinkedIn. The greatest gap to straddle but often pulled off with big results is refitting TikTok videos for LinkedIn. 

Sometimes this slaps, and sometimes TikTok videos on LinkedIn get banned, but many creators and employer brand leaders are making splashes with precisely this cross-platform strategy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could curate all your content in one place and set the tone in advance for various channels and networks?

Queuing up content in EveryoneSocial for any kind of professional enablement is a cinch.

Easily provide share copy options along with various featured images to select from, so everyone in your organization can post the best content for any network with just a few clicks. Learn more here.

Key takeaway 3: Leadership is about showing up (on social)

It’s about how you show up. Simple enough, right?

So how should I show up? As yourself, no doubt! 

Check out this clip from the full episode. 🔊🔛👆

As so many marketing and branding leaders have pointed out: you need to play to your strengths or in Maasa’s words “What lights you up”.

If you want to be a lighthouse brand, then get lit!

“Showing up” doesn’t necessarily mean forcing yourself to follow a prescriptive best practice or recommended cadence to achieve optimal social impressions. 

Instead, listen to your audience, read the channel, ask yourself what you care about (e.g. diversity in the workplace as Maasa explains) and then establish your employer brand routine accordingly.

You got this!

Want to take a page out of Maasa’s employer brand book and emulate her successful campaigns at Meta for your own recruitment marketing goals?

Let’s talk more about how employee advocacy can build awareness, leadership, and grow your candidate pool for hiring the best technical talent.

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