Here’s How To Extend The Life Of Your Webinar

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Creating a webinar can be a resource-intensive process, in both time and money. You may have even paid for an outside speaker to help give stronger industry credibility to a webinar.

The good news is, prospects who view webinars are more likely to convert to a sale, so this larger content investment provides a strong return on investment.

Here are several ideas to help you maximize your webinar investment to be sure you’re getting the most mileage out of every webinar.

I recommend you review this checklist for every webinar in your existing content library, and make it part of your content production checklist for any future webinars.

If you find an older webinar in your content inventory that is not worth exposing through any of the following ideas, it’s time to remove it or update it.

Here’s my webinar checklist:

Create a version for SlideShare

Have you created a version of your webinar and posted it through SlideShare? Remember to include a form for email name collection.

Experiment with promoting both live dates and on-demand consumption

I’ve seen many organizations aggressively promote their webinar up until the “live” date, and then simply forget about it once it moves into on-demand, missing a golden opportunity for exposure. I’ve also seen successful companies drive 65% of their webinar registrations during the on-demand phase of their promotional cycle.

If you skip the on-demand step, you’re missing the majority of your potential reach to customers and prospects! If your webinar service provider won’t allow multiple live dates and on-demand hosting, find one that does.

Transcribe webinars into text-rich content to help boost SEO and drive natural search

When you post a webinar on your site as-is, the format is not optimized for search. Consider sending all webinars to a transcription service to create the following SEO-tasty derivative content assets.

The additional content assets will help drive natural search traffic to your site and encourage further access to your webinar: a written technical briefing explaining the webinar, a Q&A interview, a table of contents (plus chapters or snippets to illustrate key learning points at corresponding time intervals for someone who wants to view the webinar at their own pace).

Create infographics from key points within the webinar

Can you create key infographics from content in the webinar? If you already created the infographics, how well have you promoted them and featured them in your various outbound messages?

Make webinars easy to find on your website

This is a simple one but often overlooked. How easy is it for prospects or customers to find your webinar once it becomes on-demand?

Simply posting webinars in a resource section on your website is not enough. Consider how you take this a step further to expose relevant webinars near relevant content.

Do you refer to relevant webinars within blog topics? Make your webinars available through multiple searches and browse functions – i.e. by topic, near relevant content, call boxes, etc.

Build a companion ebook or blog series

Best performing webinar topics may also lend themselves to a corresponding ebook or series of blog posts to explore the topic in a written format.

Highlight key facts from webinars on social media

We all know to use social promos built to drive registration. In addition, look for tweetable quotes, charts or images from the webinar presentation. Be sure to tweet them from company accounts, and @mention the influencer(s) who presented the information to encourage additional shares.

Encourage all employees to share webinars through social selling.

Remember to make it easy for the entire team to find the content, and give employees idea prompts of when they should use what content.

Consider third-party syndication.

If you haven’t already, submit the webinar to a third party partner (i.e. publisher) who, for a per lead fee, will provide access to registration leads beyond your own database.

This is a great way to augment your own marketing efforts and bring fresh prospects into your funnel.

By using these techniques to expand all webinars’ reach, you’ll get more usage out of every webinar without having to create new content from scratch.

Learn how to extend the life of a webinar, boost lead quality, and help increase sales. Download your complete social selling kit.

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