New EveryoneSocial Feature: Share Copy, Image Variations

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

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You wanted more choices, and EveryoneSocial’s got ’em!

You can now add up to five different versions of share copy per network and up to five different images for each post.

So when composing an EveryoneSocial post, you’ll be able to add up to five different written descriptions of that post. This text that prefaces the post is the “share copy,” as we call it. 

Variations allow subsequent shares (either from you, or better yet your whole team, company, and executives alike) to select which messaging resonates best with their own voice and personal network affinities. Hence: the value of increased shareability.

Want to learn more? You got it!

Here’s the gist. When it comes to the reception and readership of our unique networks, messaging is rarely one-size-fits-all.

So if someone on your team doesn’t like the preface (share copy) that you wrote for a post but doesn’t have time to be your copy editor, the new variations provide a fun solution.

share copy options

Having multiple messaging variations to pick from on the fly gives teammates more options, increasing the shareability of your company and colleagues’ content.

Both the five image options and five share copy options will be selectable when preparing a share to your networks and destinations. 

Even before preparing a share, all of these options will be visible upfront on the EveryoneSocial timeline as well.

Any post that has image variations and copy variations will exhibit them in carousel format, randomly displaying one of the post’s permutations upon scroll-up.

edit post to include multiple share options

I’m honestly very excited about this — enough so to write a product marketing sentence in the first person. 

And if you’re anything like me, you agree that totally prescriptive content features are just “too cold,” and fully customizable features are “too hot,” but standardized variations to choose from are “just right.” Goldilocks principle for the win.

Happy sharing!

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