[Bitecast 27] Amanda Shaker — Successful Recruitment Marketing

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Amanda Shaker.

Welcome to EveryoneSocial’s Bitecast! Before we dive into the great content below, I want to briefly explain what the Bitecast is all about.

While we all love great video interviews and podcasts, we’ve found that the content is often too long. We all have busy work lives and often want the takeaway nugget upfront.

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In an increasingly candidate-driven job market…

Three interrelated social branding concepts are revolutionizing the conventions of digital marketing: recruitment marketing, employer branding, and employee experience.

Arguably, the effectiveness of any one of these concepts derives from its triangulation with the other two domains. But what of it all?

Successful recruitment marketing has changed the rhythm and objectives of content marketing. What was once a discrete arc of orchestrated brand messaging has now become a constant drum beat that is best substantiated by user generated content.

But how long until most organizations embrace their employee experience and put the employee brand before the company’s?

In this week’s Bitecast conversation, Amanda Shaker of Shaker Recruitment Marketing suggests this shift has started as long as a decade ago, but only now has establishing a constant flow of messaging through employee experience become imperative.

In the end, recruitment marking comes down to developing meaningful connections by attuning the company to the pulse of the candidate journey and caring about a candidate-driven hiring market in general.

Listen below to learn more about recruitment marketing!


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