The Impact For Recruiting And Brand By Building Authentic Awareness On Social w/ Derek Lakin

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

5 minute read

How many of your employees are already on social?

Derek Lakin comes from the future and here’s to tell you that there’s a convergence coming. 

Rest assured, we’re all on the same timeline as Derek, and his point of origin is actually London right now in the year of 2022.

But nonetheless he has some forward thinking insights on recruiting that are worth listening to on this episode of Social At Scale.

Just as other leaders and executives have experienced the CRO and CMO increasingly overlapping, the reality is that the future is here. 

And similarly as Derek’s success is testament to – recruitment marketing and employer brand not only overlap, but are part of every manager’s toolkit now if they want to keep the best talent on their teams.

In this episode Derek and Cameron dive into:

  • How engineering managers can effectively use social
  • More overlaps: employer brand and personal brand
  • Using social to prepare for first interviews
  • Your employer brand’s response to candidate needs
  • Two kinds of recruitment content that Derek shares
  • How authenticity preps and caches a hiring pool
  • Foundational content for your team to share is key

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Three takeaways for technical recruiters and engineering managers:

Key takeaway 1: EveryoneSocial helps Derek in two main ways

EveryoneSocial helps Derek build positive awareness for Meta and cultivate his own personal brand as well.

Of course, these are two sides of the same employee advocacy coin: the more personal branding you authentically reach out with, the more people see who you work for in a humanized context.

While building awareness for your employer is essential to beginning any conversation – what you offer and why it’s unique – the best way to do so is by putting a face to the product or service.

People trust people. People talk with people.

Which is to say, personal branding confers employer awareness. You’re in for a win-win!

Key takeaway 2: your content and conversations help candidates

Who is my interviewer? What are they interested in? What are they passionate about? What’s this person going to be like to work with?

These are the questions Derek asks and that we’ve all wondered when preparing for an interview.

Sharing content as a recruiter allows you to establish a common ground upfront with candidates and prospects.

In short, you’ll have something meaningful to talk to, saving time that might otherwise be awkwardly wasted on small talk and perfunctory icebreaker questions.

Cut to the chase of a candidate’s fit by sharing conversational content that you care about.

And as with this episode’s recurring theme of overlaps and reciprocity: sharing goes both ways. 

Both recruiters and candidates benefit by sharing content that resonates with them on professional networks.

Key takeaway 3: make it easy for engineers to share on social

Especially for recruiting, engineers and technical professionals sharing on social media has a huge impact.

As Derek knows however, to make social worth the time of your engineers, you must prioritize two things: curation, and quality.

We’re doing a fantastic job right now, foundational content, of having really high quality material.

If you want to attract topflight candidates for technical roles, curate high quality industry specific content that other specialists will find interesting. 

Having foundational content will set a good example for other departments to activate employee advocacy for their HR and hiring needs as well.

Ready to leverage social for your engineering leadership and recruiting but don’t want to distract your team from their essential work?

Let’s talk more about how employee advocacy can build awareness, leadership, and grow your recruiting pool for hiring the best technical talent.

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