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Employers confers authority and the employee confers authenticity…

In the context of management content, it’s about creating an authoritative source. On the other hand, by enabling the reception of employee experiences, authentic contribution occurs. But how is a balance struck between the two?

Ethan McCarty is back on the Bitecast for his second episode to elaborate why communicating with integrity, as constituted by both authority and authenticity is so important and key to creating an engaging strategy.

How can authority and authenticity synthesize without either voice exploiting the other? For starters, Ethan suggests that we should loosen our grip on the expectations of linear narratives, a communication bias that can be traced back millennia to Aristotle.

Performance speaks to linear narratives, but can overlook the meaning of employee experiences that defy metrics. And engagement as a qualitative experience is essential for building relationships. If these two modes of communication align, a winning integrity is established that can activate any network.