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The Art of Knowledge Sharing: A Necessity for Your Company Success

As corporate organizations get more digital and employees have access to a ton of information, the concept of knowledge sharing becomes critical. Not only is knowledge sharing important for the internal communication between executives and employees, but to develop a more unified and engaged workforce. It might seem obvious why knowledge sharing is important, but not all companies “get it” or even focus on a “knowledge sharing culture.” Today, there are more benefits and a need for a knowledge sharing strategy than ever before. Below, you’ll find the sections that will be covered: What is Knowledge Sharing?The Benefits of Knowledge…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date November 5, 2019

The Value of Original Content: How to Drive Long-Term Marketing Results

There are over 2-million blog posts published daily according MarketingProfs and that number is only continuing to grow.  Does this number surprise you? Or were you expecting it to be even more? Either way, that’s millions of blog posts everyday that your organization is fighting for some space to be seen. So it’s easy to throw in the towel and focus your resources elsewhere. But that is a big mistake! Regardless of the competition, content marketing is necessary for sales, marketing, branding, and much more.  So, how is your organization supposed to stand out in this crowded market, get employees…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date September 24, 2019

Are You Promoting Your Employer Brand in the Right Places?

In the past few decades, the concept and practice of employer branding has grown from obscurity to a highly valued marketing tool that businesses use to attract the high-quality people they need to remain competitive.  In fact, interest in the topic reached an all-time high this year, according to Google Trends (see Figure 1).   Figure 1. Google Trends data on searches for the term “employer branding” Much of this recent attention is almost certainly driven by today’s highly competitive job market. For firms in the professional services space, where talent acquisition has been a consistent challenge, it is especially…

AuthorElizabeth Harr

Date September 17, 2019

Sharing Employee Stories: An Inside Look at Company Culture

A common employer brand theme you have probably noticed online recently is the power of employee stories. Of course, internal storytelling has been around for years, but social media now gives everyone insightful glimpses into other companies’ work culture. But how does your organization activate employee stories more consistently and organically? And how can you enhance your efforts by sharing these stories on social media?  Consider this an ultimate guide to strategizing workplace stories. Here are the most important topics covered: Why Employee Stories MatterHow to Start Approaching Workplace StoriesTypes of Employee Stories For Social MediaBest Examples of Employee Stories on…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date September 10, 2019

How Cyxtera Built A Connected Global Culture With Employee Advocacy

One of the growing challenges with organizations, is keeping teams connected and informed. This can be extremely difficult with companies that have multiple office locations, especially globally.  Yet, one way to alleviate these communications challenges has been through the use of employee advocacy. Typically employee advocacy programs are known more for driving marketing, sales, and recruiting results.  However, employee advocacy can (and should) play a role in your internal communications strategy as well.  Below, I interviewed Cyxtera, who has been a great client of ours for a bit now. You’ll learn about this awesome company and how they built a connected…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date August 27, 2019

How to Develop Your Company’s Brand Voice With Social Media

Anything your organization does — whether online, at events, or even internally — THAT is where you are displaying the brand voice. I don’t need to tell you how important your company’s brand is, but it’s imperative to develop a recognizable voice and tone.  You want customers, prospects, employees, and general audiences to get it, without being confused or asking questions about the brand.  And while everything companies do, needs to have a defined voice to truly capture audiences, many miss the mark leaving their brand confusing or lost.  But a great way to create a brand that stands out…

AuthorTodd Kunsman

Date August 6, 2019

Social Media in The Workplace: What Every Executive Should Know

Funny to think back when Facebook first rolled out public access — I was sitting in my dorm room in 2004 and remember signing up without any anticipation of how momentous this new form of media would become.  Speculating in hindsight, what college student back then could have imagined that social media in the workplace would become central to digital business? Of course, many students were thinking about this; admittedly I was not one of them however!   Social Media in the Workplace Today A generous decade and then some later, social media has shifted away from any stigma as…

AuthorJason Brain

Date July 30, 2019

How to Build An Employee Communications Strategy That Unifies Your Team

The relevance of employee communications today In a social-first workforce, employees are already informally communicating internally via Messenger (Facebook), Messages (Apple), Hangouts (Google), Discord, and WhatsApp to name the biggies. Email’s here to stay, and then there’s the official office chat tool of choice, often Slack. As anyone in a larger organization has experienced, Slack can become a cacophony of distractions from one’s focus-flow, inhibiting deep work. With the myriad of communication channels humming in any given office, is “employee communications” best addressed with a managerial strategy (forbid, a mere policy)? Perhaps these terms are inappropriate due to the contemporary…

AuthorJason Brain

Date July 23, 2019

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