Employee Advocacy Success for Marketing and Comms w/ Tamara John at Sisu

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

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In this episode of Social At Scale we are excited to sit down with Tamara John who is a seasoned employee advocacy strategist and marketing leader.

Having driven success with advocacy while working at Looker and (then acquired by) Google, implementing EveryoneSocial at Sisu was table stakes for achieving her and the CMO’s goals.

Marketing is getting harder, and social media is scary for even the most brazen of executives. Rest assured, there’s enough wisdom in this podcast to get everyone on the right foot pronto!

Tamara and Cameron discuss:

  • The increasing difficulty of delivery
  • Exponential reach from employees
  • Massive returns compared to ads
  • Greatest challenges to marketing now
  • Engorge all the funnels at once
  • How to get execs into advocacy
  • Two differentiators of future success

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Three actionable takeaways:

Key takeaway 1: Context precedes content

Tamara broke into marketing and comms starting as a social media manager. 

She’s seen first hand time and time again how difficult it is for brands to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.

Delivery is increasingly a struggle for all marketing teams.

That’s why Tamara activates employees to share content in their own authentic voices and engage with trusted audiences. 

Stand out in the noise by equipping your people with employee advocacy.

“Good people know good people.” as Tamara explains the value of your employee networks.

Key takeaway 2: Activate the investment you already made

There comes a point in any company’s growth when it’s clear that an investment has been made in of course the quantity but more important the quality of personnel.

Regardless of size, every organization has experts.

And whether marketing or HR knows it or not, your cohort experts are valuable advocates just waiting to build brand awareness in the marketplace.

How can you activate your employees to make the most of their expertise and knowledge?

Check out this clip from the full episode. 🔊🔛👆

Having seen the impact of leveraging employee advocacy while working at Google and previously Looker, Tamara can attest to a threshold of any company’s growth at which point investing in your people is a bird in the hand and a no brainer.

Activating and enabling your people with employee advocacy is potentially the most effective way to drive business critical funnels: for sales, recruiting, and customer success.

Key takeaway 3: Slack and email are not good for advocacy

We’ve probably all tried this workaround in some capacity, but take it from Tamara: Slack and email are not effective content curation and advocacy activation tools for any organization that has a double-digit headcount.

And don’t worry, EveryoneSocial integrates with Slack (and Teams), and email, so you’ll have all your bases covered regardless.

Listen to this clip from the full episode to hear more! 🔊🔛👇

Especially these past few years, people respond to people.

That human connection is really important and impossible to replicate and scale through automation.

Focusing on employee advocacy, customer success, and data will all be essential priorities for brands moving forward.

Let’s talk more about how employee advocacy will help you deliver the employer brand message you need to cut through the noise.

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