Yesterday’s webcast on influencer marketing was a smash success, and many of you had questions on how to implement a successful influencer marketing campaign.  Here’s the recording in case you missed it.



For those of you who had questions on how to implement an influencer marketing campaign using EveryoneSocial & NUVI, we created a little mini guide on the subject. Here you go!

How to launch an influencer marketing campaign

1. Identity your target market

As we mentioned on the webcast, you first have to know who your target market is and what they spend their time doing. Look at all the analytics and demographics first (are your customers primarily 30-something women in marketing?) then dive deeper to find five or so sub-pockets within that core demographic. Perhaps many of them watch the same TV shows (like The Bachelor) or follow the same podcasts (like Pardon My French).

Don’t assume they’re all sitting around reading marketing websites all day. Look outside your direct industry.

2. Identify the influencers for that target market

If you’re in the B2B space, you’ll want to start your search for influencers within four core categories: your c-level executives, your employees, your customers, and your partners. Then look at who already has a “personal brand” and a loyal following within each group. Perhaps your CEO is really active on Twitter and commands a following of millions (like Mark Benioff of Salesforce), or maybe one of your employees has a fashion blog on the side with hundreds of thousands of users.

With NUVI you can identify who your influencers are based on the conversation, keywords, location or industry. Quickly determine whether to engage or not depending on the goals of your influencer campaign. For example, the conversation surrounding #TheBachelor has influencers like Entertainment Weekly, and Huffington Post. But, inside of the top influencers is Sports Illustrated…

…Upon further review we see that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks #TheBachelor is “bad for our society.” If as a brand our target customer is influenced by sports, that might be a topic we’d want to stay away from.

Feel free to reach out to Scott at for more information on how you can use NUVI to identify influencers (and influential conversations) your company should be part of.

3. Incentivize your influencers to post about you

In the B2C space, incentives are almost always financial. You might pay a blogger to mention you on Instagram, or at least offer her free product to do so. In the B2B space, incentive is almost always self-serving. As in, providing something that will benefit an influencers’ career or reputation.

With c-level executives and employees, incentive might mean getting them publicity by publishing their blogs, having them on webinars, and inviting them to speak at events. For customers, likely the same, only here you want to make them look good in front of their bosses by showing that the program they are running with you is a huge success. And for partners, if you publish a blog of mine, I’ll publish a blog of yours.

And then there are more tangible incentives. Host a “share-worthy” event and invite all of your employees, customers and partners. Have a hashtag that everyone attending can’t help byt want to share. By the end of the night you might have hundreds or thousands of people sharing about your brand to their social followers.

With EveryoneSocial you can provide all of your employees, customers, or partners a professional news reader that connects to their social media accounts. They’ll be able to read relevant industry news, the company blog, as well as any blogs, Twitter accounts, or keywords they might be interested in following personally. And then they’ll be able to share that content to their followers via connected social media accounts.

By doing this, a corporate blog article that might ordinarily reach 3,000 Twitter followers, might reach 30,000 Twitter followers thanks to 100’s of employees now sharing on your behalf. For more information, reach out to Elle at or click here to schedule a demo.

Thanks for attending our webcast and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.

Sincerely, Scott & Elle
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