The Sales Technology Tools Your Sales Team Needs

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How many of your employees are already on social?

Seventy-three percent of sales professionals use sales technology to streamline their process, increase pipeline, and close more deals.

Companies that don’t provide their people with essential sales technology, however, are getting left behind.

If you want to empower your salespeople, boost their win rates, and improve the company’s bottom line, these are the tools your sales team needs.


What is Sales Technology and Why is it Important?

Sales technology is typically a SaaS (software as a service) tool that assists sales professionals with various aspects of the sales process.

This could include prospecting, data entry, call scheduling, customer management, sales analytics, and more.

It’s useful because it helps salespeople identify and target prospects, provides insights into their performance, and frees up their time to focus on closing deals instead of wasting it on manual tasks. In other words, sales technology generally makes sales professionals’ lives easier.

So it’s no surprise that businesses’ investment in sales technology grew 53% from 2019 to 2020.

Sales representatives that are happy with their sales technology tools are 18% more likely to think of themselves as successful at their jobs, according to Pipedrive’s State of Sales Report. Plus, they’re 28% more satisfied at work.

Companies with satisfied employees also boast such benefits as healthier cultures, more engaged workers, higher employee morale, better worker retention, and an increase in overall productivity.


Sales Technology Tools to Drive Success

Now that you understand why sales technology is essential to your sales team’s success, let’s take a look at the kinds of tools available today.


Sales management and sales enablement

These types of sales technology tools encompass a wide range of solutions because they’re simply any tool that makes the sales process more manageable and effective.

This could take the form of email marketing automation, lead management, reporting, and more — essentially anything that helps the sales team do its best work.

Sales management and sales enablement software benefits more than just salespeople though.

Your customer success team may use it to track interactions, marketing may want access to conduct research, and executives may benefit from the reports and analytics.

There are numerous sales-enablement tools available today, including Salesforce, Highspot, Fision, and Ambition.


Customer relationship management

This type of sales technology relates specifically to solutions that organize, store, and manage customer data, and there may be overlap with many of the software options discussed above.

That’s because these tools do more than simply make customer data easily accessible in one place.

Other common features include tracking customer communications, aligning sales with other departments, and setting follow-up reminders so nothing slips through the cracks. All this frees up sales professionals’ time to focus on sales strategies and improving customer relationships.

And this has incredible benefits. Just take a look at what CRM software can do:

  • Reduce lead costs by 23%
  • Shorten the sales cycle by up to 14%.
  • Increase sales by 29%.
  • Grow productivity by 34%.

There’s no shortage of customer relationship management sales technology tools available. Some of the most popular include Salesforce, Sugar, Hubspot, and Pipedrive.


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Social selling

Sales professionals consider building trust among prospects to be one of the top challenges in selling. And nearly 50% of salespeople don’t use sales technology of any kind to assist with prospecting.

The solution? A top-notch social selling tool like EveryoneSocial that makes it easy for your sales team to share content, establish credibility, gain visibility, deliver value, and foster customer relationships.

Companies that utilize social selling generate more and better leads, increase pipeline, improve their win rates, and win larger deals — up to 48% larger deals, to be exact.

Why? Because when your sales team is active on social media, they showcase their expertise, connect with prospects and start building trust and establishing relationships with potential buyers.

Social selling sales technology can certainly pay off in the short-term, but it’s also a long-term investment.

Even if someone isn’t currently in the market for your product or service, interacting with a sales representative on social media will ensure that rep — and your brand — is the first one they think of when it’s time to buy.


E-signature and document tracking

You may not think of this type of software as sales technology since it’s used by far more departments than just sales, especially since COVID and the growth in remote work.

However, e-signature and document tracking tools are essential in modern business, and your sales team can’t adequately do its job without it.

These solutions digitize processes that require signatures, such as contracts and agreements, simplifying sales proceedings and making deals official that much faster.

Once again, there are lots of options when it comes to this type of sales technology. Popular e-signature and document tracking solutions include DocuSign, PandaDoc, Eversign, and Adobe Acrobat Sign.


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