Rockstar of the Month: Sheryl Milazzo

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Sheryl Milazzo
April, 2022

Before we jump into June — and beach season — let’s take a moment to look back and celebrate the achievements of our April Rockstar of the Month.

Sheryl Milazzo, senior manager, social media at NETSCOUT is our newest EveryoneSocial Rockstar!

Sheryl was nominated by her colleague Michael Hopson who shared some of the amazing things Sheryl did to help NETSCOUT’s program thrive.

Not only does Sheryl manage both paid and organic social media initiatives for NETSCOUT, but she’s also incredibly collaborative and singlehandedly brought on more than 250 users to EveryoneSocial! Additionally, over the past year, she drove:

● 36% Increase in organic posting cadence.
● 44% Increase in total organic social engagements.
● 111% Increase in engagement rate across the NETSCOUT social platforms!

Absolutely inspiring.

So, what does Sheryl have to say about it all? Keep reading to find out.


Q&A with Sheryl Milazzo

We love learning about our customers and hearing their stories, so we asked Sheryl to share more about her employee advocacy experience.


EveryoneSocial: Did you know what employee advocacy was before EveryoneSocial was introduced at your organization?

I did know about employee advocacy before EveryoneSocial, but the company didn’t have an official program. We reviewed four platforms and selected EveryoneSocial based on the ease of use for our employees. Most of our employees are new to social media, so this was a crucial factor in our selection.


ES: How did you feel about getting involved in NETSCOUT’s employee advocacy efforts?

I wasn’t hesitant to join the program. The social team understood the power of this program and knew it aligned with key company initiatives. Being able to expand your company’s share of voice and expand your own network simultaneously is powerful.


ES: What’s been your most successful and/or favorite post or share so far?

Our program is a very grassroots effort to get employees active on social media. Every time one person joins the platform, that is a win for us.

One of our biggest successes is getting our executives involved. The VP of worldwide support is a user of EveryoneSocial and highlighted the platform during a company all-hands meeting. He talked about how quickly and easily you can schedule content for the week and lean into the activity details to understand how your audience engages with specific topics.


ES: What do you enjoy most about participating in your organization’s program?

Being part of our employee advocacy program is a great way to build authentic brand recognition.

It provides a way for users to communicate, interact, and recognize each other. It empowers you to transition from experts to thought leaders and helps build strong networks.


ES: What do you enjoy most about using EveryoneSocial?

Highlighting all departments within our company is one of my favorite parts of the program.

Everything from events, culture, resources, campaigns, and media coverage is all in one place, and it’s a valuable resource to have all that content in a single central location.


We’re so glad you enjoy using our platform and are thrilled to hear how helpful it’s been for NETSCOUT employees to share content and build a stronger internal community.

Congratulations, Sheryl, for a job very well done! Keep up the great work!


Keep on Rockin’

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