5 Reasons Unlimited Pricing Changes the Advocacy Game

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How many of your employees are already on social?

As you may have heard, EveryoneSocial recently switched to unlimited users for a flat price.

Why? Because it changes the game for employee advocacy. Let’s take a look at how.

1. Budgets aren’t flexible, but we can be.

I’ve started two B2B SaaS companies over the last 20 years and my honest perspective is that no one really wants to pay per user. What we want is to be able to pay a single fixed price and go up or down with our usage without incurring additional cost.

It’s like anything in business — you don’t want your costs to increase linearly with growth. Growth should drive costs down.

2. There’s no such thing as an inactive user.

Something we see clients doing all the time is spending time reviewing their users to figure out who isn’t using EveryoneSocial, so they can remove them and invite someone new. When you’re paying for each user, this makes sense, but it’s a complete waste of time.

The fact of the matter is that different people use EveryoneSocial in different ways. Someone who’s regularly logging in but not sharing, or someone who shares sporadically but generates above average results are both types of people that you want in your account. But they may not match your standard of “active.”

Deleting them not only removes their history and data, but it also removes the very likely chance that they’ll come back and share in the future. Unlimited completely solves this issue — you no longer spend time managing “inactive” users.

3. You can grow your program organically.

Our starting point at EveryoneSocial is that everyone can be an advocate. That’s why it’s in our name!

Everyone — the intern, the CEO, and everyone in between — has a network and the majority of these people are on social every day. That means that if you kick off an advocacy program with even a modest number of people, others are going to notice.  They’re going to hear about it and some of them are going to seek you out about activating themselves or their team.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard a customer say something like, “Well, Jane, who runs a 1,000-person sales team, heard about the advocacy program and asked if we could activate her people. She’s really excited about it, but we told her we have only 500 licenses and no extra budget right now.”

That’s what we call organic growth, but as this customer illustrates, if you pay on a per-user basis, that little sprout of opportunity gets nipped before it can grow into something substantial.

You want your program to grow. You want to activate the maximum number of people. Again, the ideal is to activate everyone in your company — and then maybe people outside your company, too!

The only way to do that is to remove the cost of adding additional users. If it’s not a budget issue, it shouldn’t be a problem to activate Jane and her team. And guess what?  After activating Jane and her team, it’s likely that more people are going to find out and want to activate their own teams. It becomes self-perpetuating.

4. You can capture maximum ROI.

Fundamentally. this is about you maximizing the value of your employees and their networks.

On average, every single person in your company is connected with 1,500 people outside the company. We know that these people they want to share — you just need to give them the content and the tools to do so, which means that the MORE people you activate, the more sharing that occurs and the more value you drive. More impressions, engagements, clicks, etc.

Being able to grow your program to any number of users let’s you focus on the important stuff: the content you make available, promoting program awareness, etc. Basically, it puts you in a position to always be driving forward. You don’t need to worry about budget, and you don’t need to worry about inactive users.

Calculate your advocacy ROI.

5. You can grow your program beyond employees.

What else does unlimited user pricing make possible? It allows you to think outside the walls of your company.

Right now, many companies are trying to come up with ways to grow awareness and activate trusted voices in their networks. In fact, we have clients that use EveryoneSocial to activate channel partners, customers, and even board members. These folks can be fantastic advocates and we can fully support activating them.

However, most companies don’t think about this because, in the past, it’s come at an additional cost. That’s no longer the case. Again, everyone has a network and anyone can be an advocate.

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