14 Best Workplace Software Platforms That Drive ROI

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Workplace Software Platforms that Drive ROI

How many of your employees are already on social?

Choosing the right workplace software platforms for your organization is a major decision.   

There are so many options to evaluate. From pricing and user experience, to customer support and integrations with other tools, a wide range of features must be considered. 

Evaluating business solutions can be overwhelming and time-intensive, but there are some platforms that stand out as top choices that will provide the most immediate impact to your bottom line.  

Different departments have different needs for new technology, but they all have one goal in common: large investments in software platforms need to drive ROI. 

We’ve put together a list of the best workplace software platforms and broken them out in to the following categories to stay organized: 


Marketers are often looking for new ways to prove the value of their campaigns and content strategies.  

These software platforms provide businesses with the data and automation that leads to better integrated marketing solutions and better customer journey experiences.  

Let’s take a look at some of the top workplace software platforms for marketers.


1. Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot Marketing Hub is a powerful marketing automation and inbound growth software platform. 

It is a one stop shop for optimizing content marketing, automating email, and converting leads with its integrated CRM solution. 

One of the strongest parts of the tool is its analytics capabilities. 

Marketers can build flexible dashboards that track conversions, measure growth, and determine ROI with revenue attribution reporting.  

The ROI data is easy to analyze and share with stakeholders to prove value.

View of Hubspot Marketing Hub Platform

2. Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is another top choice for marketing automation software, especially for those that are heavy users of Salesforce as their CRM platform.  

It excels for nurturing leads and personalizing email marketing.  

Salesforce Pardot is one of the best tools for aligning marketing and sales goals.  

View of Salesforce Pardot Platform

3. Drift

Conversational marketing platform Drift is a great addition for marketing teams to automate direct connections with customers at any time. 

Drift’s automated chatbots can be personalized so that website visitors are engaged and get the answers, resources, or next steps that they need.  

This can also help Customer Success teams with providing support and access to resources 24/7.  Having automated on-call communications helps your business address customer needs at the right place and right time.   

View of Drift Software Platform

4. Marketo

Many companies have found success with Marketo to drive digital marketing effectiveness.  

Email marketing, social media management, and lead management are handled by the platform. The marketing automation software also includes predictive analytics for segmentation purposes. 

Marketo is part of Adobe’s suite of digital marketing tools that effectively drive ROI by creating powerful content and optimizing channel distribution strategy. 

View of Marketo Platform



The best sales teams are customer-obsessed.  So it’s no surprise that some of the most innovative software for Sales teams offer ways to monitor and improve sales pitches, support, and interactions with customers.  

5. Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence software that captures sales conversations and makes it easy to analyze them.  

Whether the conversations are from a call, email, or meeting, they are searchable to find trends that work for successful reps and are easy to share best practices with the rest of the team.

It’s like having a coach for your sales pitches and cold calls that provides your team with actionable insights and paths forward to closing deals and growing trust in relationships. 

View of Gong Platform

 6. Intercom

For automating sales processes, Intercom is a solid option.  Intercom is a conversational relationship platform that enhances business messaging. Capturing leads, booking meetings, and generating opportunities is faster with the platform’s sales automation.

Custom Bots automate the repetitive administrative tasks to free up your sales representatives for more high value relationship building.

Intercom’s customer data platform makes it easy to segment and personalize customer engagements, making it a valuable tool for Sales teams that want to scale. 

View of Intercom Platform

7. Zendesk

While Zendesk was primarily a help desk management software platform, it provides a lot of value to Sales teams with their integrated CRM tool, Zendesk Sell.  

By connecting sales reps and customer support in one platform, Zendesk facilitates collaboration between these client-facing teams.  

Support teams can notify Sales easily when there are selling opportunities, and Sales can alert Support to ease onboarding and give more context to customer relationships.  

Clients are given a more well-rounded customer experience when these teams are communicating, which in turn drives ROI.  

View of Zendesk Sell Platform



Having the tools in place to help businesses communicate better internally and externally is critical as workplaces undergo digital transformations. Stable, secure, and easy to use platforms are your best bets to drive ROI when it comes to Communications.

8. Zoom

With so many teams and businesses going remote this year and needing to communicate virtually, Zoom took center stage.It has practically become a cultural phenomenon! 

The video-first communication platform is utilized for business and personal use for video-conferencing, hosting webinars and virtual events, breakout room capabilities, and chat functions.

Zoom makes it easy to connect with teams, clients, vendors, and potential customers no matter where they are working.  We don’t see the virtual meeting rooms losing popularity any time soon.

View of Zoom Platform

9. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a top choice for enterprise chat and collaboration software platforms, especially for businesses using Microsoft 365.  

It is centered around chat rooms and channels for simple messaging between employees, which can then easily switch to video and voice chats if needed.  

The integrations with Microsoft’s other systems will save businesses time on file-sharing, calendar sharing, and collaborative editing.     

View of Microsoft Teams Platform

10. Asana

For productivity and workflow management, Asana is one of the best software platforms for businesses today, particularly those with remote teams.  

It saves businesses time by making task assignments and project status transparent and in an easy to track system.  

The platform makes task prioritization centralized so that teams can stay up to-date on changing business priorities or goals.  

Asana makes it easy for managers to gauge how much time it takes to complete tasks and identify any roadblocks they need to address to stay on track with their project timelines.  

View of Asana Platform

Human Resources


HR teams use workplace software platforms for a wide variety of use cases. Benefits administration, payroll, talent management, and recruiting are just some of the ways that HR can benefit from technology and automation tools. 

These three options provide HR teams with the most adaptable toolkits as workforces change how and where they work.

11. Workday

Workday’s Human Capital Management platform offers a single system that covers areas such as recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and career development.  

It allows for HR teams to be data-driven and analytical to drive business outcomes and improved people-focused decision making.  

Having all of these functions in one system allows for a more complete, organized view of the talent in your organization and what skills are needed in the future.

View of Workday HCM Platform

12. SAP SuccessFactors

The employee experience is the central focal point for SAP SuccessFactors. Their end-to-end system is designed for employees to give feedback and for business leaders to use the comprehensive HR tools to influence workforce planning and talent management decisions.  

The platform has robust people analytics capabilities in addition to its payroll and benefits administration offerings.

View of SAP SuccessFactors Platform

13. Zenefits

Zenefits is a comprehensive HR platform that caters to small and medium sized businesses.  

Its apps save HR teams time and effort by simplifying and automating processes like reporting dashboards and payroll management. 

Zenefits also offers templates to help businesses create documents like organization charts, onboarding materials, and training resources with ease.

View of Zenefits Platform



14. EveryoneSocial

When putting together this list of the best workplace software platforms for marketing, sales, communications, and HR, EveryoneSocial could have been added to any of the categories because of the platform’s ability to drive ROI for each of those departments. 

So we added it here as an enterprise solution!  

EveryoneSocial saves time and effort for teams to have all the company content in one place and make it easy to share as employee advocates.  

Marketing leaders have a platform to put the latest content and campaign information in the hands of every employee to build brand equity and authenticity.  

For Sales, EveryoneSocial coordinates efforts for social selling by providing Sales teams the tools needed to engage with company content and build their personal brands.  

Communications teams have a portal for engaging internal employees and creating moments of meaningful social interaction that can be shared externally, as well.  

And HR can tap into EveryoneSocial for social recruiting, employer branding, and recruitment marketing purposes to attract an active talent pipeline, celebrate and introduce new hires, and enhance overall employee engagement.

View of EveryoneSocial Software Platform

If you are interested, schedule some time with our team to see a demo. We’ll share case studies, product features, and answer any specific questions you have about our platform.

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