The #1 Advocacy Mistake We See Marketers Make

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How many of your employees are already on social?

What’s the most costly mistake we see marketers make when it comes to employee advocacy? Leveraging an advocacy solution that’s bundled with an all-in-one social media management platform.

I get it — the pitch from all-in-one SMM solutions can be enticing: they promise to save you money and time and who doesn’t want that?  But those aren’t the things you want to optimize for if you want to build a successful advocacy program.

The only thing that matters is selecting an advocacy solution that’ll help you and your team generate the highest ROI. And in our experience that means selecting a solution built by a company for whom advocacy is its sole focus.

Over the years, we’ve had many companies move their advocacy programs from Sprinklr, Sprout, Hootsuite, and other tools to EveryoneSocial.  We’ve also had some clients leave EveryoneSocial for one of these vendors only to return a year later.

In both cases, the advocacy programs they tried to build on these solutions failed to generate real, compelling value. Running their advocacy program was too hard or took too much time, people didn’t really use the tool or dropped off quickly, and they didn’t get data that allowed them to connect their program’s results with real business KPIs.

While this may sound trite, the main reason bundled advocacy solutions fall short is because the companies that sell them don’t actually care about employee advocacy. It’s not their core focus or competency. To them, advocacy is just another thing to upsell a client on or check a box for on an RFP.

Conversely, advocacy is all we do at EveryoneSocial. It’s what we’re thinking about and working on every single day and our objective is singular: to provide our clients with a platform that enables you to generate the greatest ROI.

So, why are advocacy programs on EveryoneSocial so much more successful than those built on the bundled solutions from Sprinklr, Sprout, or Hootsuite? There are four main reasons:

1. Pricing. We aim for EveryoneSocial to be the most cost effective advocacy solution on the market, which is why we offer UNLIMITED advocates for a single, flat fee.  We’re the only platform that does this.  Per-user pricing simply doesn’t work; it gets in the way of organic growth, it wastes your team’s time because they have to manage active vs inactive users, and it’s expensive.

2. User activation. The largest advocacy programs in the world run on EveryoneSocial. Why?  Because we’ve spent years investing in features and capabilities that enable you to activate the maximum number of advocates quickly and keep them active and sharing for the long-term.  As those of you who run advocacy programs know, these are NOT simple things, and are areas where other solutions fall very short.

3. Data and reporting. We started EveryoneSocial because we saw that social could contribute towards all the core functions of a business: sales, recruiting, comms, marketing, and HR.  Data and reporting is another area we’ve spent years and millions of dollars investing in new features and capabilities — all to allow you to truly connect your program’s results to actual business KPIs (e.g., sales, leads, hires, etc.).  No other solution comes close to EveryoneSocial in this area.

4. Expertise. As AI is starting to show, ye with the best data wins, and we have more data than any other advocacy solution. Hundreds of thousands of advocates across more than 100 countries use EveryoneSocial weekly to share, engage, and connect.  All this means we can help you quickly scale your program, drive value, and avoid pitfalls.  We don’t see advocacy as a solo journey, which is why we partner with every one of our clients to ensure their success from launch to scale.

In short, there are SIGNIFICANT differences between a pure-play advocacy solution such as EveryoneSocial and those bundled by the all-in-one smm platforms.  Choosing the right tool can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, years of time and headache, and millions of dollars in lost ROI.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve transitioned clients from Sprinklr, Sprout or Hootsuite, or get more detail on the specific features and capabilities EveryoneSocial offers that they don’t, get in touch.

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