Advocacy That Expands Beyond Employees For Brand Growth And Event Registration w/ Savannah Martin at Qualtrics

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

5 minute read

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Let’s unpack the two main themes of this title: reach, and registration. 

1️⃣ Firstly, advocacy can go beyond the walls of your organization to include any number of other cohorts (expanded reach!)

2️⃣ And secondly, employee advocacy is your best bet for driving event registration, expanding your signups significantly.

One. Two. That’s the gist of today’s episode of Social At Scale, the only podcast dedicated to employee advocacy – why it matters, what’s new, and who is doing it right. 

Speaking of doing it right, look no further than Savannah Martin who manages all the corporate social channels at Qualtrics using EveryoneSocial.

In this episode, Savannah and Cameron discuss:

  • The importance of authentic reach for any brand
  • Why advocacy is a network unto itself
  • Advocacy success story for driving registration
  • The many people ecosystems for advocacy
  • Building an internal brand ambassador program
  • Why advocacy will have a big impact next year.
  • And much more! LISTEN BELOW ⏬

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Three actionable takeaways:

Key takeaway 1: leverage employees for brand growth

For Qualtrics, advocacy is one of six social channels, and with their combined reach using EveryoneSocial, it is their largest channel.

There’s no better way to drive brand growth than with the authentic content that is shared by employees. On social, people trust people – especially those they’ve already networked with.

Granular analytics onboard EveryoneSocial allows social media specialists to measure impressions on shared employee content and their total audience size to see exactly how their program is making an impact.

And especially as social media algorithms are increasingly shifting away from brand accounts and instead prioritizing the content of users and employees. The future rests in the hands of people and their UGC, not company accounts.

Because advocacy is so central to this future of people-centered content sharing, it’s not unreasonable to regard EveryoneSocial as a network with massive latent value to leverage for many purposes.

Check out this clip from the full episode. 🔊🔛👆

Key takeaway 2: expand advocacy beyond just employees

What if you could open up your next event for alumni to also share and promote on social media? Would that double your authentic brand reach, or perhaps more? 

With the power of Public Post Pages, you can do exactly this. Add in partners, prospects, customers, power users, and all of a sudden your reach has gone exponential.

Today’s guest Savannah took advantage of the EveryoneSocial “PPP” by embedding them in their 2022 XM Innovation Event confirmation landing pages. 

This allowed confirmed registrants to share the XM event landing pages to their social networks (LI, TW, FB, etc) altogether driving 140 additional registrations for the event.

Savannah’s embedded PPP strategy resulted in 800 shares, and nearly one-fifth of those shares converted to a new XM event registrant from the Qualtrics EveryoneSocial network!

Check out this clip from the full episode. 🎧🎚⏫

PRO TIP: An EveryoneSocial Public Post Page hosts a single piece of content posted from EveryoneSocial that can be accessed by anyone on the internet. EveryoneSocial users can create a PPP and anyone who accesses it can share it to their social channels.

Key takeaway 3: total advocacy will be very important in 2023

“Next year will probably be the biggest impact we’ve ever had.”

Can you say the same about your outlook for the next year? If not, consider taking a (public post) page 😉 out of Savannah’s playbook and put advocacy at the top of your list.

For Qualtrics, the next step is clear: create an advocacy program that leverages more than just employees – including partners, prospects, customers, alumni, company fans, Qualtrics users, and other people ecosystems.

And then internally, Savannah plans on doubling down on effective employee advocacy proper – by honing their structured brand ambassador program using EveryoneSocial.

Listen to this clip from the full episode to hear more! 🔊🔛👇

“We have to really enable our network, our people network in the right way. And it’s working, it’s going to work well next year.”

Do you want record-breaking brand awareness in 2023? 

If the success story of Qualtrics has you wondering how you might leverage advocacy for your own brand growth and event registration, we’d love to talk more.

That’s all for this week of Social And Scale, and until next time: happy sharing!

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