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Way back when, while at Reddit…

…Cameron had a very simple but perhaps hiding-in-plain-sight observation of user engagement: communities followed from interests, not preconceived organization. In other words, there are no community masterminds — engagement is not an a priori strategy, it’s a phenomenon!

Heather Dopson of GoDaddy and Cameron sit down to discuss how trusting the employee experience is paramount to enabling community building. If there is fear or hesitation about employee advocacy, perhaps that’s a hiring problem, and not a social problem.

While the future of advocacy and community building for enterprise is quickly coming into focus, the possibilities for small organizations is also an exciting horizon of imminent possibility.

For any collective (employee) experience, there are advocates. Or as Aristotle inadvertently spoke to community experience (also way back when): What appears to all, we call Being.

No tacos were harmed in the making of this Bitecast.