[Bitecast 05] Will Staney of Proactive Talent — Employer Branding Now

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Will Staney.

Welcome to EveryoneSocial’s Bitecast! Before we dive into the great content below, I wanted to share with you exactly what the Bitecast is all about.

While we all love great video interviews and podcasts, we’ve found that sometimes the content is just a bit too long. We all have busy work lives — that sometimes — we just want to get to the information and learn a bit in a shorter period of time.

This is where EveryoneSocial’s Bitecast was born. Every week, we deliver an informative and educational piece of media in a short and bite-sized format.


One day HR looked up and realized that the world has changed…

Employer branding versus recruitment marketing versus talent branding versus employee advocacy — what’s the future of recruiting and HR? What does it mean that social media has graduated and yet is also more important than ever?

Talent attraction strategy today must be holistic, requiring new skillsets that see eye to eye with anyone on the cutting edge of digital marketing & recruiting. What’s the “why” and the “how” of employer branding leadership? There’s your story-mission-promise, and then there’s the audience to receive it, but which discipline or process is best suited for each?

If you haven’t already answered these questions for yourself, listen to this week’s Bitecast episode featuring the founder of Proactive Talent, Will Staney who explains why YARP-content stands no chance against Ryan Gosling. 


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