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In the pay-to-play era of social media…

Genuine engagement is the solution for companies to remain relevant while also getting off the big-tech ad-spend treadmill. In this week’s Bitecast, Shelby Khan of Cloudera sits down with Cameron to discuss why employee advocacy was an invention of necessity after the social algorithms changed.

In the last few years, the culture of social media users has become more skeptical: brand-names, celebrities, and influences are no longer trusted like they once were; profiteering motives are presumed at every post!

As a result, employee-generated content that leverages word of mouth trust is the sustainable “holy grail” for companies to get mentioned and make an impact on social media.

With employee advocacy, there are two audiences: employees, and users/followers. In order for an employee advocacy program to be successful, shared content needs to be interesting for both of these audiences, organically growing trusted relationships in and outside of the organization.