How Marketing Agencies can Fuel ROI with EveryoneSocial

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How many of your employees are already on social?

As experts in marketing and advertising, we know the digital universe increases the velocity at which clients expect new ideas, content, and channels to reach their target audiences.

We also know if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re basically behind it. 😬

So let’s take a look at how your agency can use EveryoneSocial to stay ahead of the competition and fuel growth both for yourself and your clients.

It All Comes Down to Influence.

It may seem that paid social ads are here to stay, but many of us in the industry have a different take.

When it comes to ads, we’re thinking, “Been there, done that” and honestly, “Just how effective are they?”

Cue employee influencers. 

You can show your clients a huge ROI by activating a resource they already have: their employees.

An unsurprising 76% of people say they’re more likely to trust content shared by someone they know vs. a paid ad. Why? Just put yourself in the consumer’s seat.

Every day we’re bombarded by pop-up ads, banner ads, and sidebars, as well as interruptions to the sports highlights we’re dying to see or the playlist that was just getting poppin’.

But what if companies could empower their employees to share content that would gain clicks and engagements 8X that of paid ads?

Sounds like a dream, right? So why wouldn’t everyone just ditch paid ads and have their employees share content?

The answer is simple: Without an employee advocacy platform, it’s pretty dang hard to motivate employees to share content on the behalf of their companies.

About 50% of employees already post about work on their social media. So to encourage them to keep posting — and persuade more team members to share company content — you have to make the process simple and straightforward. The fewer clicks and hoops to jump through, the better. 

Still with me? Perfect. 😎

Through EveryoneSocial’s simple-to-use and familiar interface, marketers, salespeople, recruiters, and more can create eye-catching, thought-provoking images and posts. And they can enable others in the company to share their creations on their own social media — and even suggest share copy for their teammates to use.

Plus, employees can post directly to their networks without ever leaving EveryoneSocial!

The result? Meaningful, revenue-generating, position-filling engagements garnered through your people’s connections … and their connections’ connections … and their connections’ connections’ connections… You get the point.

easy button gif

Did someone say “easy button”?

Add EveryoneSocial to Your Agency’s Toolbox

In conclusion, employees sharing company content enables brands to reach a larger, more engaged audience than paid ads — hands down. It’s the way of the future 🚀, and, with EveryoneSocial, the ROI is traceable, right down to the individual employee.

The secret is making that content easy on the eyes of the audience and even easier for employees to post, re-post, share and tweet.

That’s where EveryoneSocial comes into play. We’re working with marketing agencies all over the world as an important and change-making addition to their media toolbox. Are you next?

To learn more about how to become an EveryoneSocial referral partner, contact me!

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