[Bitecast 16] Cheryl Mikovch of IBM — Sales Enablement

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

1 minute read

Cheryl Mikovch.

Welcome to EveryoneSocial’s Bitecast! Before we dive into the great content below, I want to briefly explain what the Bitecast is all about.

While we all love great video interviews and podcasts, we’ve found that the content is often too long. We all have busy work lives and often want the takeaway nugget upfront.

This is why the EveryoneSocial Bitecast exists. Every week, we deliver an informative and educational piece of media in a short and bite-sized format.


Engaging with the modern buyer…

IBM is big. The inside sales organization at IBM has around 3,500 sellers worldwide. The sellers represent opportunity identification in the form of lead development reps, and opportunity ownership in the form of client coverage reps and brand sellers.

But how does such a large org leverage employee advocacy for sales enablement? What was the catalyst for IBM to spearhead social selling in the first place?

Cheryl Mikovch, Director of Sales Enablement & Engagement at IBM has some surprising answers to these questions and more in this week’s Bitecast.

How might personal brand building strategically shape the hidden sales cycle — the hidden what? Tune in to find out, and “drive that mindshare!”


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