9 Ways EveryoneSocial Streamlines Workplace Communications

Laura Moss

Manager of Content Marketing

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Office phone off the hook causing issues with streamlined workplace communications.

How many of your employees are already on social?

With the countless communication methods available today — from Slack and Zoom to email and conference calls — there’s no shortage of ways to keep everyone in the know.

With the rise in remote workers, it’s more important than ever to ensure your team is on the same page.

However, nearly three quarters of employees say they still miss out on important company news, and employees often cite breakdowns in communication as the cause for most failures at work.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to streamline workplace communications and revamp your internal communications strategy. We’re here to help.

EveryoneSocial isn’t just another tool to add to your communications kit — it’s a complementary one that resolves communication issues by connecting everyone from the intern to the CEO with the most important information.

Let’s take a look at how EveryoneSocial can help your business streamline workplace communications.


1. It allows you to create custom groups.

Instead of sending a one-off email or message in a group chat to your colleagues about a helpful article you discovered or an idea for a new project, start a group devoted to that topic and keep the conversation going.

You could establish groups for specific teams like Human Resources or Customer Success, for example, where members can post updates, share articles for discussion, make comments, raise questions, and tag teammates.

There can also be private groups for sensitive discussions or ones exclusively for your C-Suite.

You can even set up specific groups without workplace goals, such as ones devoted to networking and employee engagement.

Here at EveryoneSocial, for example, we have groups like Music Nerds, Travelgram, and Pets of Everyone Social. (That last one is especially important because it allows us to stay up to date with software engineer Brian Price’s ducklings.)


Posting content in groups organizes feeds so that teams can follow what interests them and helps them the most at work, making it easy to streamline workplace communications.

Group subscribers can stay up to date with happenings via an RSS feed, and admins can send messages to specific groups.

Plus, you can set up automatic scraping for predefined spaces. For example, you could have each new company blog post automatically shared to a group so employees will be notified when it’s published.

Of course, you can communicate to much more than simply existing groups. You can also send messages directly to subsets of groups or specific users based on their location, language, and more.


2. It enables rapid sharing.

Now that you have all of this great content flowing internally across your organization, EveryoneSocial has a user-friendly and simple interface for employees to share to their personal social networks as well.

This is where companies can take advantage of all of the benefits of employee advocacy like expanding social reach, increasing employee engagement, and creating more authentic brand stories.

Users can directly connect their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook networks and share updates from EveryonSocial to their own social platforms.

Program admins can provide suggested copy for sharing, but there’s also the option to let employees craft their own posts.


The EveryoneSocial mobile app allows users to create, engage, and share wherever they’re working, truly empowering you to streamline workplace communications.

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3. It connects social listening to work conversations.

It’s important to monitor sentiment around your brand and its competitors, and EveryoneSocial makes this a breeze.

With groups and feeds focused on what current or potential customers are discussing about a brand, new products, competitors, and more, all teams can stay current with competitive intelligence.

A more informed workplace that cares about understanding customer needs and opinions leads to better product decisions that ultimately drive growth and revenue.  

Having all of those important conversations within the EveryoneSocial platform is one way that our customers successfully streamline workplace communications.


4. It automates company newsletters.

Company newsletters have long been the standard for getting out the word to the entire organization about news and information.

EveryoneSocial not only makes it easier than ever to create your newsletters, but it also personalizes the content for each recipient. Here’s how:

EveryoneSocial’s content newsletters can be set to run automatically by pulling in trending posts, specific group updates, employee-generated content, and more.


Each employee will receive a newsletter filled with content they haven’t yet engaged with, making it more useful and relevant to them.


This automated approach to newsletters allows for more frequent updates and ensures that important highlights won’t go unseen.

Plus, everyone at the organization will be aligned on the latest news and feel more connected to the company as a whole.


5. It makes conversations accessible and transparent.

Posts on EveryoneSocial are meant to be engaged with and spark conversations. That’s why employees can leave comments, share emoji reactions, tag colleagues to join in, and more.

Rather than these discussions happening in siloed channels or via direct messages, EveryoneSocial makes them accessible to everyone, so they can participate and engage.

This creates a more streamlined, inclusive atmosphere for employee communications, which ultimately leads to a more open company culture and a highly engaged, productive work environment.


6. It enables knowledge sharing.

EveryoneSocial’s accessibility, organization, and transparency also make it a powerful knowledge-management and knowledge-sharing tool.

If someone happens to miss a conversation — whether they were out of the office or in a meeting — they can easily catch up and weigh in on any discussions.

And even individuals who are new to an organization can access past posts and use them to gain context and raise questions. For example, new hires can view older posts and learn about discussions that occurred before their start date, arming them with important knowledge and giving them opportunities to join the conversation.

Our platform is a great fit for any organization that values access, knowledge-sharing, and transparency — all important traits that employees look for today.

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7. It provides easy access to content and information.

When content is shared on EveryoneSocial, it’s available to everyone, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Marketing teams, for example, love using EveryoneSocial as a way to get approved branded content to employees as quickly and effectively as possible.

They can give employees the option to suggest sharing branded content with pre-approved commentary, hashtags, and disclaimers. But they can also allow users to tell their own story around a post.  

For important posts and announcements, admins can use push notifications and email alerts to draw attention to specific content. Push notifications help employees stay on top of exciting updates no matter where they are working.

Plus, admins can pin the most important posts to the top of specific.

Design and creative teams also have a lot to love about EveryoneSocial. Rather than using clunky intranet interfaces or a shared-folder system that may have permissions issues, they can rest assured that their content and collateral will go out to everyone who needs access to it, such as in the example below.


8. It integrates with the tech and tools you need.

EveryoneSocial is designed to work seamlessly with many of the leading collaboration, file-sharing, and CRM tools, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more.

With our Slack integration, for example, you can share EveryoneSocial posts directly to Slack, as illustrated below, ensuring that everyone sees your important update.


This technology is essential to streamline workplace communications because today people are working globally across various times and places. And the tools we rely on to communicate and collaborate need to work together as well as we do.

By using platforms that work well together, you can find efficiencies and develop a tech stack that gets your team what it needs to achieve goals, drive ROI, and improve performance.


9. It’s versatile.

EveryoneSocial is the top employee advocacy solution, but that’s not all we do. In fact, some customers use our platform as a pure play internal communications tool.

Don’t want to take advantage of our top-notch social sharing features? No problem.

Simply turn sharing off and use EveryoneSocial to streamline workplace communications by exclusively using its numerous comms tools.

If you change your mind and decide you’re ready to tap into the power of employee advocacy, it’s as easy as flipping a switch.


Why Streamline Workplace Communications with EveryoneSocial?

Because we’re so much more than just a tool.

We want our customers to succeed, and that’s why we offer training, resources, and webinars to ensure that EveryoneSocial meets all your internal communications needs.

In addition to helping you streamline workplace communications, EveryoneSocial is also exactly what you need to spearhead your employee advocacy efforts.

And that means more leads, conversions, clicks, shares, and more.


Want to learn more about employee advocacy and how EveryoneSocial’s platform can boost communications and collaboration? Schedule a demo with our team.

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